Planned Parenthood was furious after a Federal Judge delivered yet another devastating blow

Pro-Life states continue to pass legislation banning abortion after a detectable heartbeat.

And the abortion lobby is furious.

But Planned Parenthood was stunned after a Federal Judge delivered them yet another devastating blow.

Planned Parenthood’s frivolous lawsuits

When South Carolina signed the Fetal Heartbeat & Protection from Abortion Act into law, conservatives knew there would be legal challenges.

Not because anything was wrong with the bill . . . 

. . . but because groups like Planned Parenthood can’t stand the fact that babies can no longer be slayed without mercy.

South Carolina’s Heartbeat Act bans most abortions at the first sign of a heartbeat – generally around six weeks.

There are some exceptions – but overall, the bill prohibits abortion.

Planned Parenthood’s frivolous lawsuits

After the Pro-Life bill was signed into law, it was temporarily blocked a day after by a South Carolina Judge due to the abortion lobby’s attempt to stop it.

But the ban was reversed, and South Carolina upheld the Pro-Life law two times – both in August and November.

That should have been the end of it.

But Planned Parenthood refused to give up fighting to eradicate the law – so they took it all the way to a federal court, convinced they would prevail.

Groups like Planned Parenthood cannot fathom a reality where babies lives are protected.

They can’t stand it.

And despite their continued lawsuits – yet again a Federal Judge shot them down and issued a blistering ruling.

Pro-Lifers won

5th Circuit Court Judge Daniel Coble issued a 31-page opinion reiterating that the Pro-Life law would stand.

“The role of this Court is not to determine whether the law is good or bad, whether the policy should be one way or the other, or to be outcome determinative based on personal views,” Coble wrote.

“The role of this Court is to simply determine the intent of the legislature in the enactment of the law in question and whether the actions of the legislature are within the bounds of the Constitution as derived from the will of the people,” he continued.


Liberals always hope they will get lucky and find a Judge who is more interested in judicial activism instead of following the Constitution.

“This Court will never supplement the will of the General Assembly with its own interpretations because that would be a direct violation of the Constitution and the sacrosanct doctrine of separation of powers. Rather, this Court will use a scalpel in determining, as best it can, the precise intent by the Act,” Coble wrote.

And there it is! 

Thankfully, Judge Coble issued a sound ruling. 

“After reviewing the legislative record and judicial precedent, this Court has no choice but to declare the clear intent of the General Assembly when it passed this Act: the legislature, beyond any doubt, intended the ban to start at the six-week mark and not another time,” Coble continued.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s multiple attempts to ban the life-saving Pro-Life bill – they failed – time and time again.

But the fight for life is far from over, and Planned Parenthood will continue to clog up the courts with frivolous lawsuits hoping something will stick.

At least for today, babies in South Carolina are safe for yet another day. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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