Planned Parenthood’s plan to coerce high school girls backfired in a major way

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Planned Parenthood thinks they have a monopoly over young girls.

But when a local Planned Parenthood affiliate entered a high school in Central Malawi – they received a shocking response.

And Planned Parenthood learned real quick their plan to coerce high school girls backfired in a major way. 

International Pro-Life groups truly saved the day

Pro-Life groups such as Pro-Life Malawi regularly visit Natola Secondary School to spread the message of life and the dangers of abortion.

Executive Director of Human Life International Malawi Faith Zikomankhani said “We’ve been teaching them about chastity, along with the dangers of using contraception and the dangers of abortion,” reported Live Action.

Apparently, the Pro-Life organizations had a major impact on the young girls – as when they witnessed an anti-life agenda being pushed – they quickly shut it down. 

High School girls chased away Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is used to going into high schools armed with pro-abortion literature thinking they can influence impressionable girls.

Sadly, oftentimes teen girls view Planned Parenthood as “experts” – and they end up listening and believing the lie that abortion is the way to go.

But not in Central Malawi.

When Planned Parenthood showed up and started pushing condoms and teaching other items – the high school girls were not having it.

Zikomankhani recalled that the students not only refused to participate in the Planned Parenthood lecture – but actually chased them away.

“To the surprise of everybody, the students at Natola refused the abortion promoters sent to teach them and chased them away,” Zikomankhani stated.

She continued “The teacher was sure that it was due to what he called the ‘good pro-life message’ that Human Life International has been sharing with the students.”


These young high school girls refused to buy into the lies of Planned Parenthood – and instead stood up for life.

But they didn’t stop there.

Burning condoms 

The students were so upset at the visit of Planned Parenthood they actually burned the boxes of condoms and other contraceptives that were left at their school, Live Action News reported.

And the girls aren’t getting pregnant – because they aren’t sexually active.

They’ve been taught the value of chastity and purity – and that is the lifestyle they live. 

Planned Parenthood will target the youth

Planned Parenthood and all of their anti-life affiliates will continue to target vulnerable teens and girls knowing they can sway them to their side.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers need to continue to promote the message of life to women of all ages – and let them know from a young age there are always ways to choose life and resources available.

Let’s hope more high school girls will rise up and run Planned Parenthood out of their schools to send a message that the radical agenda of the abortion lobby is not wanted. 

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