Planned Parenthood’s top executives had their salaries exposed and you won’t believe what they’re raking in

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The leading abortion mill in the nation is collecting cash hand over fist.

Some of it is from taxpayer funding.

But now Planned Parenthood’s top executives had their salaries exposed and you won’t believe what they’re raking in.

According to a new report, executives at Planned Parenthood are among the highest-paid in the United States in the not-for-profit sector.

Blood money and pay raises

It turns out the blood money being raked in by Planned Parenthood, some of which comes from taxpayer dollars, is being used to pay outrageous salaries to the non-profit’s top executives.

This is according to a new report from The American Life League’s STOPP International.

The report is titled “The STOPP International 2023 Report on Planned Parenthood CEO Compensation.”

The research for the comprehensive report was conducted in March 2023 and was based on the latest numbers available through public information, including Planned Parenthood websites. 

STOPP International’s report shows that the average salary for a CEO at Planned Parenthood rose from $237,999 in 2015 to $317,564 in 2020.

This huge 33.4 percent salary increase over five years, places them in the 98th percentile of all U.S. wage earners.

And the report shows the lowest salary for a Planned Parenthood CEO was $124,045 while the highest was a shocking $616,926.

STOPP International found that all of Planned Parenthood’s 53 CEOs made over $100,000 a year, 39 made over $200,000 a year, 27 raked in over $300,000 a year, and 13 made over $400,000 a year.

Even more disturbing, six of the CEOs took home over $500,000 a year and one even made over $600,000 a year.

Race and gender inequality runs rampant at PP

The total compensation paid to all Planned Parenthood CEOs rose from $13.3 million in 2015 to $16.8 million in 2020, a 26.3 percent increase, according to the report.

In comparison, the average wage for U.S. workers in 2020 was $55,628.60.

But more than that, Planned Parenthood’s salary structure for non-profit CEOs averages just $184, 809 per year according to 

The STOPP report also pointed out of the 53 Planned Parenthood affiliate CEOs, only four were black and just three were Hispanic.

The lowest-paid CEO was a black woman, who was paid less than the CEOs of 16 Planned Parenthood affiliates that “produced less income than the one she presided over,” while the top-paid CEO was a white woman.

“Planned Parenthood continues, year after year, to dramatically increase the salaries of its affiliate corporation CEOs and its New York headquarters staff while continually crying poverty and seeking and receiving more and more taxpayer money,” the report said.

“The exorbitant salaries of most Planned Parenthood affiliate CEOs and headquarters executives, and the disparity in salaries by gender and race, are even more revealing once you see that Planned Parenthood—organized as a nonprofit that pays no taxes—reported a total profit (income in excess of expenditures) of $408 million over the past three reporting years,” it added.

Of course the racial disparities shouldn’t be surprising for an organization that was founded in part to “thin the herd” of minorities.

Planned Parenthood reported an income of $5.2 billion over the past three years, including $1.9 billion in taxpayer-funded government health services grants and reimbursements, according to the report.

Katie Brown, who serves as director of communications for American Life League, told Fox News in a statement, “It’s disingenuous that in Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report, they claim to be committed to breaking down ‘barriers of structural racism that block access to care,’ when they so obviously haven’t done so in their own organization.”

“If there’s one thing that this report makes clear, it is proof that at Planned Parenthood, the rich get richer while the poor get abortions,” Brown added.

And it’s proof that taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood needs to end immediately.

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