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A pregnant mom was pressured by a police department employee to have an abortion – and the reason will shock you.

While the employee hoped his dirty deeds would never be exposed . . .

. . . he was in for the surprise of his life when this pregnant mom sounded the alarm.

A love affair gone wrong

Caleb Young was a civilian employee at the Gainesville Police Department.

He had an affair with a subordinate – got her pregnant – and then began to panic.

Young told the pregnant mom she had to get an abortion – even threatening her that she could “go missing” if she didn’t comply.

The terrified pregnant mom was concerned for her safety – so she resigned.

A healthy baby girl is born

Despite pressure to abort her baby and threats from Young – the pregnant mom went on with her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

An investigation to allegations revealed a string of text messages between Young and the pregnant employee reiterating she did not want to abort her baby and even asking Young to sign over full parental rights to her.

After a full investigation by the police department as to what happened, they determined Young violated a city rule and acted with “immoral, unlawful, or improper conduct or indecency, whether on or off the job which would tend to affect the employee’s relationship to his/her job, fellow workers’ reputations or goodwill in the community.”

But instead of being fired, he was allowed to resign.

The pressure to abort a baby

Many pregnant moms experience similar threats and intimidation tactics to kill their unborn babies.

Once they become pregnant, the man decides he doesn’t want to be a father – and hopes an abortion will undo his obligation to care for a child.

Abortion is also an “easy out” for those who prey on vulnerable girls.

Human traffickers and sexual predators are quick to get young girls pregnant . . .

. . . then force them to abort their babies to cover up any “evidence”.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have been known to turn a blind eye to what is happening – even if a minor teen comes in to kill her baby.

The pressure pregnant moms feel to abort their babies is truly tragic.

In fact, Live Action News reported a study that revealed as many as 64 percent of women who had an abortion felt pressured to do so.

Pro-Lifers need to let pregnant moms know they aren’t alone – and show them hope that they can get through their pregnancy with love and support – even if it doesn’t come from the father.

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