Politico tried to brand having babies as a ‘Far Right’ plan but they didn’t expect this response

The nation’s corporate media have locked arms with the radical Left.

And they are doing everything they can to try and paint hard-working average Americans as radical right-wingers.

But when Politico tried to brand having babies as a ‘Far Right’ plan they didn’t expect this response.

It turns out that, according to the left-wing media, if you want to have more children and raise a large family, you’re a bigot.

Raising families now a “far right” conspiracy

This is according to Gaby Del Valle, who wrote a long article for Politico Magazine titled “The Far Right’s Campaign to Explode the Population.”

Of course this is nothing new for Del Valle, who has written for numerous left-wing rags and says she focuses on “immigration, surveillance and the far right.”

To Del Valle it seems having families is now “far right.”

Her article came on the heels of the first Natal Conference, held in Austin, Texas, last December.

The conference was a gathering of Americans who are rightfully concerned about the falling U.S. birth rate.

“The far right is so obsessed with making babies, they just held a whole conference about it,” Politico wrote in a social media post sharing the article. “Behind the scenes at the first ‘NatalCon.’”

Del Valle, who attended the conference, wrote what she said is a firsthand account, but it was more of a leftist rant against families.

The left-wing author wrote, “there are very few women in the cavernous conference room” but some “have come to Austin with their children in tow — a visual representation of the desired outcome of this weekend.”

She then went on to try and paint the idea of increasing the U.S. birth rate as nothing more than a sinister conspiracy of religious zealots and racists.

“Throughout it all, some religious conservative cultures have continued to see raising large broods as a divine mandate,” Del Valle wrote. “White supremacists, meanwhile, have framed their project as a way of ensuring ‘a future for white children,’ as declared by David Lane, a founding member of the white nationalist group The Order.”

Breeding a new majority

She further said the conference “suggests there’s a simple way around the problem of majority rule: breeding a new majority — one that looks and sounds just like them.”

“If everything goes as planned, the competition will go extinct on their own,” Del Valle continued. “All the natalists have to do is have enough kids so that, in a generation or two, they’ll be the ones who inherit the earth.”

Of course, the idea that encouraging people to have children and raise a family is some far-right conspiracy to advance the white race is absolutely ridiculous.

But Del Valle, like her leftist comrades, could care less about truth or facts.

And many on social media called her out for her radical left-wing article attacking families.

But perhaps the most on-point response was this one:

“The far left is so obsessed with killing babies, it’s the only issue they care about.”

— MAZE (@mazemoore) April 28, 2024

And that gets right to the point and calls out the real reason behind Del Valle’s attack on having children.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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