Pop star shocks fans by announcing proceeds from her ticket sales are being donated to multiple pro-abortion organizations

Most Americans aren’t phased when they hear of a Hollywood A-lister or pop mega-star spouting off about their radical pro-abortion stance.

It’s become the norm for people in the entertainment industry to use their platforms to spread leftist propaganda.

But recently, this pop star shocked fans by announcing proceeds from her ticket sales are being donated to multiple pro-abortion organizations.

Prepare to be outraged as pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo unveils her shocking agenda.

The famous singer revealed she is using her “Guts World Tour” to bankroll abortion activism! 

Pro-life Americans couldn’t believe what Rodrigo boldly touted in a jaw-dropping Instagram post.

The “Vampire” singer brazenly announced that a portion of ticket sales from her Houston show would directly fund pro-abortion organizations, sending shockwaves through conservative America.

In a move that has sparked widespread condemnation, Rodrigo declared that proceeds from her tour would flow into the coffers of three notorious abortion activist groups. 

Among them is the National Network of Abortion Funds, an organization dedicated to dismantling barriers to abortion access, regardless of the moral implications.

But that’s not all—Rodrigo’s largesse extends to Fund Texas Choice, a group infamous for facilitating abortions in the Lone Star State, and Jane’s Due Process, which targets vulnerable teens, promoting abortion as a solution to their problems. 

With her tour earnings now fueling the abortion industry, Rodrigo’s true colors are laid bare for all to see.

Rodrigo’s brazen promotion of abortion activism doesn’t end with her Instagram post. 

In a recent video shared with her fans, the pop star doubled down on her support for reproductive rights, launching her “Fund 4 Good” initiative as part of her tour. 

With an unapologetic fervor, Rodrigo champions abortion access under the guise of “reproductive health freedom,” disregarding the sanctity of life in favor of a twisted ideology.

And let’s not forget Rodrigo’s previous antics. 

From publicly performing profanity-laden songs aimed at conservative Supreme Court Justices to openly mocking the sanctity of life, Rodrigo has long been a vocal advocate for abortion rights. 

Her disdain for traditional values and brazen contempt for the unborn are on full display, leaving pro-life Americans stunned and appalled.

As Rodrigo’s tour sweeps across the nation, her agenda becomes clear: to normalize and promote the culture of death. 

With each ticket sold, unsuspecting fans unwittingly contribute to the abortion industry’s coffers, perpetuating a cycle of destruction and despair.

But amidst the darkness, there is hope. 

Pro-life Christians across the country are rising up in opposition to Rodrigo’s agenda, refusing to be complicit in the destruction of innocent lives. 

With unwavering resolve, they stand firm in defense of the unborn, calling for an end to Rodrigo’s insidious campaign of death.

As Olivia Rodrigo continues to profit from her tour, pro-life Americans must remain vigilant, shining a light on the sinister reality behind her seemingly innocuous facade. 

The battle for the sanctity of life rages on, and with each passing day, the stakes grow higher. 

Will you stand on the side of life, or will you be complicit in Olivia Rodrigo’s crusade for death? 

The choice is yours.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.