Post-abortive teen wants every woman who ever had an abortion to know this crucial fact

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Many women who have abortions later regret their decision and become overwhelmed with guilt and shame.

And when one pregnant teen found out she was pregnant – she felt abortion was her only option so she did it.

But now this post-abortive teen has a message she wants everyone to hear.

“They made it all so easy”

Adriana Camp bravely shared her abortion story with Live Action hoping it would help other women.

She shared she found out at 18-years-old she was pregnant – and terrified.

Living with her single mother, and broke, she couldn’t see how she could possibly take care of another human being.

Her doctor agreed abortion was the best option – but Camp didn’t even have money to pay for it.

“They made it all so easy for me by suggesting I apply temporarily for Medicaid to get the abortion procedure covered,” Camp told Live Action. “So, I did and was accepted. The path had been cleared for me to have the abortion.”

“I felt so ashamed and regretful”

Camp admits she mentally blocked out much of the trauma of that day, but after her abortion she remembers being in her bed sobbing – full of shame and regret.

Because she made the decision to abort her baby, she felt she didn’t have the “right” to grieve.

But the grief would not escape her body or mind and she was forced to deal with it.

Through her grief, she begged God to give her another chance to be a mother, and it turns out he answered her prayer.

Her trauma and pain continue 

Although she was pregnant and later gave birth to a healthy son, Camp shared she still had anxiety and nightmares where she’d wake up screaming in terror.

She was convinced she’d go to hell for what she’d done in aborting her first baby, and she was in an abusive marriage.

After a divorce, and remarrying, Camp finally began to find healing when she gave her life to Jesus.

God’s redemptive grace is available to all

As Camp got connected through her church and met another woman who had previously aborted her baby – she knew she wasn’t alone.

She began an abortion recovery program, and finally started to heal from the decades of guilt and shame she had been carrying with her.

And now, she wants other post-abortive women to know they aren’t alone – and that God can heal their aching hearts too.

Camp was overwhelmed at how God used her story to help others.

She gave her testimony on the steps of the United States Supreme Court during the 2020 March for Life, and continues to speak out in different venues.

“I don’t have a college degree, yet here I am speaking to doctors and nurses,” Camp said. 

“It’s so amazing how God can use something so horrible for good. There’s power in our testimonies and our voices need to be heard.  I want women to know that whatever they’ve done, the blood of Jesus covers them with forgiveness,” Camp concluded. 

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