Pregnant mom furious she couldn’t abort her baby with Down syndrome did the unthinkable, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Life laws that have teeth are designed to do what they are supposed to do – save lives. 

But when one pregnant mom found out her baby had Down syndrome, she became outraged that her state banned her from killing her unborn baby.

Determined to skirt the law and carry out her deadly plan – this pregnant mom did the unthinkable. 

Only a car ride away

Pro-Life politicians are working overtime to pass life-saving bills to save the lives of unborn babies.

Unfortunately, the radical abortion crowd is working just as hard to undo all the hard work of Pro-Lifers.

While Pro-Life states are restricting or even banning abortion . . .

. . . abortion mobs are ushering pregnant moms across state lines to kill their own babies – and even offering to pay for it.

Babies with Down syndrome receive a death sentence

Babies with special needs are in danger like never before.

Some moms, at the urging of their abortion-hungry doctors, become paralyzed with fear that their “life is over” if they give birth to a baby who will have an intellectual or physical disability.

Many doctors can’t believe a woman would choose to have a baby knowing the baby would have Down syndrome.

Other doctors flat out tell a woman she should abort her baby.

And while many pregnant moms do choose life – there are those who choose a sentence of death.

The child she prayed for – and then murdered

Kelly Shannon told ABC News she was thrilled after years of trying to conceive she finally became pregnant with her second child.

But her excitement turned cold once doctors told her the baby inside her would have Down syndrome and a host of other complications.

The “medical professionals” warned her that her baby would likely die during birth or shortly after.

But Shannon lived in Alabama, one of the most Pro-Life states in the nation.

Only one Alabama hospital still performs abortions with limited circumstances and at the approval of a committee. 

Shannon attempted to get an abortion at the lone Alabama hospital still slaughtering babies . . .

. . . but she was denied.

“The committee felt that since each condition was by itself potentially survivable – not that they would lead to any kind of quality of life, just that they could potentially lead to life – that under Alabama law they did not think that my case met the criteria for termination,” Shannon told ABC News.

But instead in rejoicing in the good news that her daughter didn’t have serious medical conditions that would kill her shortly after she was born – Shannon took matters into her own hands.

She simply drove up to Virginia and had an abortion.

What a tragedy.

Mothers are supposed to be the fiercest advocates for their own babies yet this mom elected to drive across state lines forever eliminating her little one’s chance at life.

However, instead of feeling grieved over the baby she killed, Shannon hopes those who hear her story will feel sorry for her and pity her “tough decision.”

Shannon said deciding to kill her baby was the “single most painful and traumatic experience” of her life and went on to chastise Pro-Lifers who believe abortion is wrong.

Abortion is not a “black and white issue,” Shannon proclaimed.

But abortion IS a black and white issue with zero room for a middle ground.

One either supports a baby’s life at conception and deserves the right to be born – or they don’t.

RINOs like Nancy Mace may pretend there is a “middle ground” when it comes to abortion – but the truth is either a baby is given a chance at life or sentenced to death like in Shannon’s story.

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