Pregnant mom with brain cancer told to immediately abort her baby but she did this instead

Sgt. Christopher Gaylord, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tasha Kann was 20 weeks pregnant when she received devastating news – she had brain cancer.

Doctors immediately told her to get an abortion – claiming she would die if she didn’t.

But Tasha made a different choice instead and left the medical community speechless. 

Against All Odds

When Tasha found out she had brain cancer while pregnant – there was only one thing on her mind – saving her baby’s life.

Doctors were insistent that Tasha should immediately start chemotherapy and radiation.

But of course, if she made that choice – she knew she’d have to kill her unborn baby.

In Tasha’s mind – protecting her unborn baby was the highest value, even realizing she could lose her own life in the process.

Tasha said, “I didn’t know what really to think. I guess in my mind, brain cancer, I thought I would die. To be honest, I thought I would anyways. So I thought I would just keep my baby alive,” reported 9and10news.

A heartfelt GoFundMe request

Tasha knew she could lose her baby if she decided to do chemotherapy.

After praying with her husband, it just wasn’t an option.

Team Tasha wrote a GoFundMe update stating, “Tasha was told the best chance of survival and to buy more time would be getting an abortion and starting radiation and chemo immediately. After much research and many prayers, Tasha decided her best outcome from this disease would be to continue her pregnancy and fight it as naturally as possible, refusing chemo and radiation.”

Tasha ended up giving birth to a beautiful baby girl – Gracey Joyce Kann.

And because of her selfless decision, Gracey had a chance at life and is now a healthy 8-month-old baby.

Tasha received devastating news

Tasha’s cancer has grown from her central nervous system into three brain lobes.

Her type of cancer is aggressive, and surgery is not an option.

She was given 12 months to live – but has already made it to month 13.

Instead of giving up, she is still fighting cancer through alternative methods.

The GoFundMe Page continued, “Most patients with this disease are bedridden and die within months. Tasha is here for the fight and she hopes she has made that clear to everyone. The Lord’s report over her health speaks volumes over the doctors’ reports and she is here to testify!! Tasha will continue to stand firm in her faith and in His promises!”

While Tasha still has an uphill battle – she decided to protect her baby – even if it meant sacrificing her own life.

The natural instinct of a mother to protect the life of her children is how women are designed.

Those who advocate for abortion have twisted a mother’s love into “choosing abortion” when just the opposite is true.

Please pray for Tasha that she beats cancer. 

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