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A young pregnant mom found out through an ultrasound her unborn son did not have arms.

As she struggled to take in the startling diagnosis, her doctor had a few choice words and “advice” for her.

And once you hear the shocking request from her doctor, you’ll be proud of how this Pro-Life mom responded.

Could she really take care of a baby with no arms?

When 25-year-old Mariann found out her unborn baby wasn’t developing arms – she was in shock.

Immediately, she began thinking of what life would be like caring for a baby with a disability as both her and her husband worked demanding jobs, The Mirror reported. 

But Mariann’s love for her child who she had not yet met was unwavering, and she decided to move forward with her pregnancy.

Her doctors turned on her in an instant 

Instead of applauding this young mom for making the right choice, Mariann’s doctor had the sheer audacity to call her selfish.

As Mariann struggled with how she would raise her baby, she recalled how much worse her doctors made it for her.

“The words of my specialist kept running through my head, ‘You’re selfish if you don’t abort. You must think of the child. He will never be able to have a normal quality of life,’” Mariann said.


Telling a pregnant mom who is choosing to carry a child knowing the baby will have a physical disability that she is “selfish” is unconscionable.

The selfishness of the abortion industry

In reality, it’s the abortion industry and their minions who are selfish.

Selfish doctors are willing to make a quick buck so they lure vulnerable women onto abortion tables to slaughter the innocent baby inside their womb.

Pro-abortion politicians selfishly want to get re-elected so they’ll say anything they deem “popular” to try and win every vote.

RINO Republicans like Nancy Mace who pretend to be “Pro-Life” are selfish. 

Mace was quick to trade her Pro-Life credentials and knife conservatives in the back to score free press and appease Democrats (who won’t vote for her anyway).

And of course, Planned Parenthood employees make a living off the blood money that rolls through their doors.

Keeping her baby was the best decision of her life

Mariann gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Hendré.

And while he does not have arms, and struggles with a few other medical conditions, Mariann is absolutely in love with her son and thrilled she ignored her doctors and chose life.

She wants other pregnant moms who are carrying a baby with a disability to know that while the road can be difficult – choosing life is always the right decision.

Mariann said “I wish they could hear me when I tell them it’s okay to have a child who’s different from society’s idea of ‘normal’. Hendré is the greatest gift we could have received.”

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