Priest harassed by police for praying outside abortion clinic and holding a sign saying five ironic words

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The efforts to silence Pro-Life activists were already out of control.

Now it’s gotten even worse.

And this priest was harassed by police for praying outside abortion clinic and holding a sign saying five ironic words.

The crackdown on Pro-Life activists has expanded around the globe.

And the issue has expanded also, from one just about abortion to the very essence of free speech.

The situation is “sinister”

A priest in the United Kingdom was charged after praying outside of an abortion clinic.

Father Sean Gough, who was standing outside a Birmingham abortion mill, was holding a sign that ironically read “praying for freedom of speech,” which he said is under threat.

“Nobody should be criminalized for the thoughts that they’re having in their own head, and this is what I was threatened with arrest for,” Father Gough told Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“I wasn’t actually arrested, but I was interrogated for it and questioned about the thoughts that I was having in my own head, my prayers to God, and then I was charged for doing just this.”

Father Gough’s attorney Lorcan Price described the situation as “sinister,” and further said established censorship zones, which stretch for 160 yards from an abortion mill, prohibit citizens from even praying and offering to help women.

These police state tactics in Great Britain are similar to some recent examples in the United States.

Even bumper stickers are now illegal

In the two most recent cases, an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor was arrested for praying outside an abortion mill, and a Catholic father of seven was arrested by the FBI in a SWAT-style raid and charged with a number of federal felonies.

In the second case, though he was eventually found not guilty at trial, the damage of targeted harassment by the Biden administration was devastating.

But the thought police in the U.K. are taking it to a whole new level.

It turns out even bumper stickers are illegal in certain areas.

“Perhaps the most absurd charge that was laid against me is that I was also charged for having a bumper sticker on my car which says ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ and I parked this within the censorship zone, which the local council had established,” Father Gough said.

The Crown Prosecution Service eventually dropped the charges against Father Gough but say they could be reinstated at any time.

Gough’s case is not the only time U.K. officials have tried to charge Pro-Life activists.

Charges were recently filed, and then dropped, against the U.K. March for Life Director Isabel Vaughan-Spruce after police approached her while she was standing outside an abortion clinic.

Her crime?

An onlooker suspected she was praying.

This kind of thought police activity is reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union.

And comparisons of this type are even more apt when you consider the leaders in all three countries had one thing in common.

Stalin and Hitler were out to eradicate an entire generation, if not an entire race of people.

Just as the abortionists are today.

That’s why they simply can’t allow freedom of speech to continue.

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