Pro-abortion activists are pushing women to do so-called “self-managed” abortions despite the dangers

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

It is not a stretch to say pro-abortion forces will do anything they can to push abortions on women and young girls.

And it doesn’t matter to them who they hurt or even kill in the process.

Now pro-abortion activists are pushing women to do so-called “self-managed” abortions despite the dangers.

More than half of abortions in the United State are now chemically induced.

No doctor or nurse needed to kill

And as if that weren’t bad enough, now the radical pro-aborts are pushing a new “study” claiming chemical abortions can be done later in the pregnancy and with no supervision.

No matter how deadly or dangerous it is.

The convenient new “study” supposedly shows that women can just use one of the two drugs to chemically abort, they can do so well past the 10 weeks of pregnancy and without the supervision of a health care provider.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strongly recommends the chemical abortion procedure be closely observed and supervised.

That’s because the abortion industry has as one of their top priorities a massive “abortion at home” program through “self-management.”

The abortion industry has a twisted and horrific goal of pushing even more women to get abortions, however they can.

Roni Caryn Rabin, writing for the rabidly pro-abortion New York Times, said “An overwhelming majority of women were able to end unwanted pregnancies with abortion medications on their own and without additional medical procedures, even if they were well beyond the first trimester, according to a report published on Thursday.”

Rabin also wrote that the study, “was based on the experiences of 264 women who were nine to 16 weeks pregnant in Argentina, Nigeria and an unnamed country in Southeast Asia where abortion is illegal. Almost half of the women took only one drug, misoprostol, instead of the standard two-drug regimen, mifepristone and misoprostol.”

“They were nonetheless able to terminate the pregnancies, according to the study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. All of the participants received information from an abortion support group,” she added.

The shocking reason this is an important development

Rabin also wrote that 44% of the women used only the drug misoprostol. 

That is an important point.

Misoprostol is “prescribed for many conditions and available in many countries without a prescription.”

That’s right, it makes it easy for any doctor to prescribe the abortion inducing drug even in states where it is illegal.

This despite the fact that almost one in four women sought “medical care” after their abortions, “most frequently to confirm that the termination was complete. A smaller percentage wanted to address concerns about bleeding, pain, fever or discharge.”

So the pro-aborts are pushing self-managed abortions with no concern for the up to 25% of women who may suffer serious medical complications after “self-aborting.” 

And even pro-abort reporter Rabin writes, “Women who were pregnant for 12 weeks or longer were significantly more likely to seek medical care after a medication abortion, compared with those who were nine to 11 weeks pregnant.”

But then again, the pro-abortion lobby doesn’t care about the harm it does.

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