Pro-abortion legislators in this state were furious after pro-lifers were handed this victory

Pro-abortion activists continue to push their deadly agenda, seeking to dismantle any semblance of protection for the most vulnerable among us – the preborn.

The Abortion Lobby is paving the way for unrestricted abortion up until the moment of birth.

And in this state, pro-abortion legislators were furious after pro-lifers were handed this victory.

In a stunning victory for the sanctity of life, New Hampshire lawmakers have struck down a radical proposal that sought to enshrine the so-called “right” to abortion in the state constitution. 

With a resounding vote of 14-9 along party lines in the Senate, the attempt to expand abortion access has been thwarted for the second time, following an earlier defeat in the state House.

But make no mistake, dear readers, the battle for life is far from over, especially at the state level. 

According to reports from the Associated Press, New Hampshire’s current laws allow for abortion up to 24 weeks, with exceptions for cases where the mother’s life is at risk or if the child has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. 

However, the proposed constitutional amendment would have obliterated these modest protections, paving the way for unrestricted abortion up until the moment of birth.

Senator Regina Birdsell, a staunch defender of life, sounded the alarm, warning that the amendment would have catastrophic consequences. 

“It sweeps away everything that we have voted,” Birdsell cautioned in an ABC interview. 

“It would allow abortion up until the moment of birth, with absolutely no restrictions.”

But perhaps the most chilling aspect of this debate is the callous disregard for the humanity of the preborn. 

As lawmakers sparred over the amendment, the image of an aborted child at 21 weeks loomed large – a stark reminder of the gruesome reality of abortion. 

With its tiny feet, hands, and rib cage, the aborted child serves as a haunting symbol of the innocent lives at stake.

Yet, in the face of such horror, there are those who dare to defend the indefensible. 

Senator Becky Whitley argued that the amendment was necessary for women to pursue their career aspirations. 

“I rise for the little girls ahead of me who now have less rights than I have,” Whitley proclaimed to Associated Press. 

“Rights that led me directly to this chamber, and helped me build a career, a family, and life of my choice and of my dreams.”

But let us be clear: there is never a right to snuff out the precious life of an innocent child. 

Abortion is not a symbol of empowerment; it is a violent act of homicide against the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Advocating for abortion as a means to achieve one’s career goals is a twisted ideology that undermines the inherent dignity of motherhood.

Instead of promoting death, we must stand united in defense of life. 

We must empower women to pursue their dreams without sacrificing the lives of their children. 

Let us celebrate this victory for life in New Hampshire but let us also remain vigilant in the fight against the culture of death. 

Together, we can build a future where every child is cherished, and every life is valued.

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