Pro-abortion professor at major Catholic college tried to sue her students and now she might have to pay up

Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

The pro-abortion mob has become even more emboldened since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

They continue to try and win over young people with lies and misinformation about abortion.

And now this pro-abortion professor at a major Catholic college is paying the price after trying to sue her students.

In a stunning turn of events, Notre Dame professor Tamara Kay, a vocal advocate for abortion rights, finds herself on the receiving end of legal repercussions after her failed attempt to sue two student journalists. 

The court’s recent ruling not only dismissed her claims but opened the door for potential compensation for opposing counsel’s fees and costs, marking a triumph for pro-life values against academic activism.

The controversy unfolded when The Irish Rover, a newspaper administered by Notre Dame students, published an article exposing Professor Kay’s pro-abortion activism. 

Her subsequent lawsuit alleging defamation faced a decisive setback in the courtroom. 

According to Senior Judge Steven H. David’s ruling on January 8, 2024, the students’ counsel is entitled to pursue a hearing on attorney fees and costs. 

This development underscores the lack of evidence supporting Kay’s legal assertions.

The court highlighted several critical deficiencies in Professor Kay’s case, emphasizing the absence of evidence to substantiate her claims. 

Among these, the court noted the failure to prove that her public advocacy was solely for healthcare access for sexually assaulted students, rather than a broader endorsement of abortion (Finding no. 31). 

Similarly, no evidence was presented linking property vandalism to the published articles (Finding no. 107), and the purportedly threatening emails were not convincingly tied to the journalistic exposé (Finding no. 109).

Notably, the court found “no evidence” to support the claim that The Irish Rover intended to damage Dr. Kay’s career maliciously or recklessly when publishing the articles (Finding no. 111). 

The court invoked an Indiana law safeguarding free speech to dismiss the lawsuit, highlighting the importance of protecting students’ First Amendment rights.

The potential fallout from this legal setback raises questions about Professor Kay’s tenure at Notre Dame. 

Some argue that filing a frivolous lawsuit against students exercising their free speech rights should warrant reconsideration of academic privileges. 

Online discussions, such as those on the National Review thread, reflect sentiments that tenure should be subject to scrutiny when it comes to abusing legal processes to stifle opposing viewpoints.

Professor Kay first came under scrutiny in 2022 when author W. Joseph DeReuil brought attention to her public statements and articles supporting abortion. 

A particularly controversial incident occurred when she posted a sign on her office door during a brief abortion ban in Indiana, offering assistance in obtaining abortions or abortion-inducing drugs.

The note on her office door declared it a “SAFE SPACE” for information on “ALL Healthcare issues and access,” with a non-Notre Dame email address provided. 

Professor Kay even took to social media, urging students to “Look for the ‘J'”— a covert signal indicating support or assistance in accessing abortion services.

The court opinion underlines a stark contrast between Professor Kay’s pro-abortion stance and Notre Dame’s official position, which aligns with the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

The university explicitly recognizes and upholds the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, reinforcing the clash between academic activism and pro-life values.

In the aftermath of this legal battle, pro-lifers can view this as a significant victory against attempts to silence opposing views and promote a culture of life within academic institutions. 

The court’s decision sends a powerful message that the principles of free speech and the sanctity of life remain paramount, even in the challenging landscape of higher education.

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