Pro-abortion professor has a full-blown meltdown and destroyed a Pro-Life display in this ironic outburst

Beyond My Ken, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Two peaceful Pro-Lifers found themselves under attack for hosting a Pro-Life display table on their college campus.

But the attack didn’t come from radical leftist college students.

Instead, a university professor approached the table and unleashed a spew of vulgar words before she launched an unthinkable attack.

Pro-Life displays are “triggering” to college students

Hunter University adjunct professor Shellyne Rodriguez lost her mind as she approached a group of peaceful Pro-Lifers who were hosting an approved Pro-Life table display on their campus.

The Pro-Lifers had a simple table with Pro-Life information, but Rodriguez became indignant at their presence and began shouting profanities at them telling them their Pro-Life display was “triggering” her students.

“You’re not educating s—,” Rodriguez yelled at the Pro-Life students. 

“This is f—ing propaganda. What are you going to do, like, anti-trans next? Is that what you’re going to do next? This is b——-. This is violent. You’re triggering my students,” ranted Rodriguez.

The male Pro-Life student remained calm, and told her he was sorry she felt triggered, but reassured her they were simply talking about abortion.

And then Rodriguez launched her attack.

Rodriguez physically destroyed the Pro-Life display

She refused to listen to the male Pro-Life student and yelled he couldn’t possibly be sorry because he couldn’t “have a baby” so he didn’t understand what he was doing. 

The male Pro-Life student agreed with her that he in fact couldn’t have a baby. . . 

. . . but Rodriguez continued cursing at the Pro-Life students and then proceeded to shove their materials off the table.

“Get this s— the f— out of here.  F— this s—,” Rodriguez screamed before pushing their Pro-Life literature off the table and ruining their display. 

Thankfully, the entire scene was captured on video.

The pro-abortion crowd cheers on Rodriguez

After an adjunct professor vandalized a Pro-Life display, surely one would think people would call her out right?

Or that her supervisors would hold her accountable?


One pro-abort group on campus called CUNY for abortion rights is composed of faculty, staff, and students committed to “fighting for abortion rights.”

This leftist group cheered on Rodriguez for attacking the “propaganda” and destroying the Pro-Life display.

“Hunter College adjunct educator Shellyne Rodriguez approached the display, constructively critiqued the group members, and eventually physically took down items from the table,” wrote CUNY for abortion rights. 

“Her actions to shut down the tabling were fully justified, and are part of a long and celebrated CUNY legacy of confronting groups such as military recruiters who disseminate misleading information.”

Completely delusional!

Apparently, a grown adult belting out profanities and cursing at college kids is “constructive” and destroying the personal property of another is “fully justified.”

The pro-abortion group continued with their rant making it clear Pro-Lifers were not welcome to display their viewpoints on school grounds.

“Students for Life and other far-right groups are not welcome on our campuses. Anti-abortion propaganda actually endangers people’s lives, and incites other far-right views and actions to emerge,” declared the pro- abortion group. 

Yet ironically, peaceful Pro-Lifers are the ones marked as “terrorists” . . .

. . . simply for standing strong for life.

Abortion activists only care about pushing their own agenda, and it’s clear they are threatened by anyone who dares to expose their web of darkness.

An ironic twist

In an ironic twist, when the violent professor was questioned by a reporter from the New York Post, she absolutely lost it and threatened his life with a machete – yes, an actual machete. 

Not content to let the reporter simply leave, she followed him outside on the street – machete in hand – continuing to threaten his life. 



It was only after this second, more violent outburst that Hunter College realized how dangerous it was to employ a lunatic at their school and she was promptly fired.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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