Pro-abortion radicals are demanding the court permanently repeal this lifesaving law

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Ohio voted to amend their state constitution to codify abortion.

Sadly, states across the country are now kowtowing to the Abortion Lobby by trying to mimic what happened in Ohio.

And now, pro-abortion radicals are demanding the court permanently repeal this lifesaving law.

Planned Parenthood teams up with the ACLU

Ohio’s Heartbeat Act banned abortion at a detectable heartbeat. 

Though the law was tied up in courts – Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are seeking to ban it for good.

A statement released by the pro-abortion coalition stated “The Ohio Constitution now plainly and precisely answers the question before the court – whether the six-week ban is unconstitutional – in the affirmative,” reported the Ohio Capital Journal

Abortion activists like Planned Parenthood are utterly obsessed with repealing any and all protections against unborn babies.

It’s truly demonic. 

57 Percent of Ohio voters are to blame

The abortion lobby was determined to take over Ohio and have the Buckeye State be the ultimate jewel in their crown.

And they succeeded.

57 percent of Ohio voters were duped into thinking they were “supporting women” . . . 

. . . not understanding the serious ramifications of their vote.

Amending Ohio’s constitution to codify abortion is not something to be done lightly – and legal battles are sure to continue as pro-aborts seek to erase all the laws protecting innocent life. 

Unborn babies are guaranteed to die

Though Pro-Lifers may able to slow down the inevitable – the voters in Ohio have spoken.

Now that abortion is a “constitutional right” abortion giants like Planned Parenthood will continue to swiftly work around the clock until every Pro-Life provision is repealed.

Unborn babies had some protection in Ohio – but now all of their rights are out the window.

The grotesque complaint by Planned Parenthood and their abortion hungry friends states “By banning abortion from the earliest weeks of pregnancy and thus forcing continued pregnancy and childbirth upon countless Ohioans, (the six-week ban) prohibits plaintiffs’ patients from exercising their fundamental rights in violation of the Ohio Constitution’s broad protections for individual liberties under Article 1, Sections 1, 16 and 21,” reported the Ohio Capital Journal. 

Essentially – Planned Parenthood wants to kill babies – and want to make sure they have the green light to do it. 

Even more terrifying, abortion activists in other states are viewing the “Ohio victory” as a major success and are seeking to duplicate the same thing in their states.

Although Roe v. Wade has been overturned – Planned Parenthood can’t stand the fact that abortion could be eliminated for good – ultimately taking money away from their baby-killing operation.

It’s only a matter of time before pro-abortion ballot initiatives start popping up in other conservative states around the country – but this time – Pro-Lifers need to be ready and sound the alarm on the real agenda behind those campaigning for “women’s freedom”. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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