Pro-abortion radicals are trying to pull the wool over Florida voters’ eyes with this sneaky move

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has the anti-life mob more emboldened than ever before.

They are using every trick in the book to try and push unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months in every state in the nation.

And now pro-abortion radicals are trying to pull the wool over Florida voters’ eyes with this sneaky move.

On Monday, Florida Voice for the Unborn hosted its Second Annual Dobbs Day Banquet and Workshop with a resounding call to action against a pro-abortion amendment threatening the state’s constitution this fall. 

Andrew Shirvell, Founder and Executive Director of Florida Voice for the Unborn, welcomed pro-life volunteers from across Florida, emphasizing, “Enshrining abortion in the Florida constitution is wrong. We must protect every human life.”

But it’s the truth behind the Florida abortion amendment that will truly disgust you. 

Reflecting on the monumental overturn of Roe v. Wade two years ago, Shirvell inspired the attendees by stating, “If God can overturn Roe v. Wade when no one thought it would be possible, He can stop this pro-abortion ballot initiative in the free state of Florida.”

This November, voters will face Florida Amendment 4, misleadingly titled “Amendment to Limit Government Interference in Abortion.” 

This amendment, if passed, would effectively allow unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. 

It aims to remove essential safeguards, including parental consent and regulations ensuring only physicians can perform abortions. 

Trudy from Family for LIFE starkly explained, “This proposed constitutional amendment would mean ‘no limits, no doctors, no parents, and no laws.’”

The amendment’s passage requires a 60% voter approval, a formidable hurdle given the state’s current ban on abortions after six weeks of gestation, with some exceptions.

During the workshop, Florida Voice for the Unborn unveiled a strategic plan to persuade Floridians to vote no on Amendment 4. 

Shirvell detailed the “Precinct-Level Vote NO on #4 Campaign,” targeting likely Republican voters through data-driven efforts. 

This campaign focuses on registered Republican voters who have a consistent voting history, utilizing door-to-door canvassing, mail outreach, and phone calls. 

“The end game,” Shirvell explained, “is reaching those people who are going to vote in November.”

Starting July 1, detailed information and participation instructions will be available at, enabling pro-life Floridians to get involved in this critical fight.

John Labriola from the Christian Family Coalition of Florida highlighted efforts to garner local government opposition to Amendment 4. 

Boards of county commissioners across the state, including Collier and Gilchrist counties, have passed resolutions condemning the amendment. 

These resolutions aim to raise awareness about the amendment’s dangers in local communities. 

Labriola’s organization continues to work with county boards statewide to enact similar measures.

Florida Voice for the Unborn’s banquet featured inspiring keynote speakers, including Rep. Berny Jacques (R-Pinellas County). 

Jacques, known for sponsoring a bill to create a comprehensive resource website for expectant parents, criticized attempts to include abortion services in the initiative. 

He passionately defended the bill, stating, “It’s quite disturbing that some of my colleagues in this chamber [are] hellbent on adding the killing of unborn to a website that has to do with resources for parents.” 

The bill passed and will come into effect in 2025.

Jacques encouraged attendees to elect pro-life legislators, support constitutionalist judges, and engage in direct advocacy. “We must work until abortion is no more, here in our land,” he urged.

State Representative Webster Barnaby (R-Volusia County) closed the keynote session with a powerful message. 

“Our God is a miracle-working God,” he proclaimed. 

“This amendment will be defeated, because it is not the size of the army that matters, it is the faith of the army that matters.” 

His rousing call to action concluded with, “We must save the lives of the children!”

Andrew Shirvell emphasized the magnitude of the fight, declaring, “Abortion is the biggest human rights crisis in all of human history.” 

He urged all pro-life Floridians to join the campaign against Amendment 4, warning that its approval would lead to countless deaths. 

“Targeted voter contact is what will actually make the difference in whether the babies win or lose at the ballot box this November!”

As the battle against Amendment 4 intensifies, Florida Voice for the Unborn remains steadfast in its mission to protect the most vulnerable and ensure that every life is valued and protected.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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