Pro-abortion radicals in this state were in for a shock when voters turned out in droves to defend the preborn

The anti-life mob is convinced that the majority of Americans support their radical views.

But lately, Americans have been showing up in force at the ballot box to prove them wrong.

And pro-abortion radicals in this state were in for a shock when voters turned out in droves to defend the preborn.

In the battle for life, National Right to Life President Carol Tobias often says, “The abortion industry has the money, but the pro-life movement has the people, and we will take the people over the money any time.” 

This statement rang true in the recent South Carolina Republican primary elections on June 11 and the runoff on June 25. 

Pro-life voters turned out in force, defeating three extremist Republican pro-abortion women senators and replacing them with candidates committed to supporting life-saving legislation.

“These races show that South Carolina voters in the Republican primary care deeply about the protection of unborn children,” stated Lisa Van Riper, President of South Carolina Citizens for Life, the state’s oldest and largest single-issue right-to-life organization. 

“People need to be very careful when attempting to disregard this issue.”

The South Carolina Citizens for Life Action PAC played a crucial role in this victory. 

The PAC contributed to the defeat of two of the three “Sister Senators” in the June 11 primary and forced the third, Senator Katrina Shealy, into a runoff on June 25, where she was decisively defeated by PAC-endorsed candidate Carlisle Kennedy.

The term “Sister Senators” was coined by secular media to describe five pro-abortion women senators, including three Republicans, who voted against the Human Life Protection Act and attempted, but failed, to defeat the Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act. 

The latter legislation has already resulted in an 80% decline in abortions in South Carolina, according to data from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.

On June 11, Sister Senator Sandy Senn narrowly lost to SCCL Action PAC-endorsed candidate Matt Leber by a mere 36 votes. 

Leber, a pro-life member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, now moves up to the Senate.

Similarly, Sister Senator Penry Gustafson was resoundingly defeated by pro-life candidate Allen Blackmon, with a staggering 82.07% to 17.93% vote margin, as reported by the South Carolina Election Commission.

Despite some media reports indicating that more than $350,000 was spent to re-elect the pro-abortion Sister Senators, South Carolina Citizens for Life and the SCCL Action PAC focused on cost-effective strategies. 

These included targeted social media campaigns, get-out-the-vote advertisements, and a straightforward message: Vote Pro-Life. Vote for Carlisle Kennedy. Vote for Matt Leber. Vote for Allen Blackmon.

This election is a clear indication that South Carolina is firmly pro-life. 

Voters have shown they will hold elected officials and candidates accountable to the unborn members of our human family who cannot yet vote. 

The primary results highlight the commitment of the people of South Carolina to protect life at every stage.

Lisa Van Riper’s words emphasize the importance of this victory. 

“People need to be very careful when attempting to disregard this issue.” 

The overwhelming support for pro-life candidates sends a strong message to politicians and the nation that the protection of unborn children is a priority for South Carolina voters.

These results are a testament to the dedication and influence of the pro-life movement. 

The support from grassroots activists and the strategic efforts of organizations like South Carolina Citizens for Life demonstrate that the power of the people can overcome even the most well-funded opposition.

As we move forward, it’s crucial to continue this momentum. 

The fight for life is far from over, and each election is an opportunity to further protect the unborn and support mothers in need. 

The pro-life movement must remain vigilant and proactive, ensuring that every voice is heard and every life is valued.

The South Carolina primary elections of June 2024 are a significant victory for the pro-life cause, proving once again that dedicated people can make a profound difference. 

The commitment to protecting life continues to inspire and drive us toward a future where every human life is respected and cherished.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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