Pro-abortion radicals stormed Capitol Hill to promote abortion funding and you won’t believe what they did next

Lars Di Scenza, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With all the talk of the January 6 “insurrection” most people ignore the real violence from the radical left.

And no one is turning out to be more violent than the pro-abortion activists.

In fact, pro-abortion radicals stormed Capitol Hill to promote abortion funding and you won’t believe what they did next.

It turns out storming Capitol Hill is only allowed by leftist protestors.

Arrested but soon released

Capitol Police arrested radical leftist protesters who stormed Capitol Hill and briefly occupied Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office.

In a statement, Capitol Police confirmed seven people were arrested after they briefly occupied McCarthy’s office in the Rayburn House Office Building. 

The seven were then charged with unlawful entry.

“This morning, multiple individuals were demonstrating inside a House Office Building. After the demonstrators refused to cease demonstrating, USCP then arrested the 4 males and 3 females for Unlawful Entry,” the agency said in a statement.

Video of the protesters occupying McCarthy’s office was posted to social media. In total, the protest reportedly lasted about 15 minutes.

“Pass PEPFAR now, McCarthy!” the protesters shouted.

Among the protestors arrested were Charles King, CEO of Housing Works, a non-profit dedicated to combating homelessness and HIV/AIDS, and Asia Russell, executive director of Health GAP, an organization that helps HIV-positive individuals get medications.

The protestors were demanding the reauthorization of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). 

PEPFAR was launched in 2003 by then-President George W. Bush and is the largest global health program providing funding for the research, treatment, and prevention of HIV and AIDS. 

From AIDs to abortion on demand

But as with most massive federal spending programs PEPFAR has been riddled with funding for things other than AIDS.

That’s why funding for PEPFAR, which totals about $7 billion in taxpayer funding per year, will expire at the end of September unless Congress reauthorizes it.

But that reauthorization is now in jeopardy.

Republican lawmakers simply want to ensure that PEPFAR money does not fund abortions. 

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) believes the Biden administration’s decision to end funding restrictions enacted by the Trump administration is allowing PEPFAR funds to be funneled to pro-abortion groups.

The Biden administration denies this is happening but refuses to accept the restrictions be restored.

So Republicans are working to restore the Trump-era restrictions, which explicitly prohibited U.S. funds from supporting abortion overseas.

While this is but one of the battles looming on the massive spending programs that must be passed by September 30 to avoid a government shutdown, it is one of the classic battles.

Biden could easily put an end to this battle simply by restoring the restrictions against abortion spending.

If he is correct that PEPFAR does not fund abortion he should have no problem restoring the restrictions.

But of course, then he would run the risk of the violent pro-abortion protestors turning on him as well.

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