Pro-abortion radicals viciously attacked one brave woman, and the reason why will shock you

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the anti-life mob has become more emboldened than ever.

They will stop at nothing to take down anyone trying to defend the preborn.

And now, pro-abortion radicals have viciously attacked one brave woman, and the reason why will shock you.

Pro-life advocate Janet Morana has released a heartfelt book.

Her work highlights the profound and devastating impact of abortion through the testimony of Mary Kominsky.

Kominsky has given an inside look into the shocking and cruel ways that Planned Parenthood misleads women. 

Before the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, abortion was legal in New York, where Kominsky found herself facing an unplanned pregnancy. 

Abandoned by the baby’s father, she turned to Planned Parenthood, only to be met with misleading information about the development of her unborn child.

Kominsky recalls the fear that drove her to Planned Parenthood, where the abortionist assured her that her baby was merely “a clump of cells and tissue,” despite her being 11 weeks pregnant. 

Reflecting on this, Kominsky says in the book, “Fear had led me to believe in the lies surrounding abortion… After all, the doctor at Planned Parenthood told me it was just a clump of cells and tissue even though I was 11 weeks pregnant.”

While technically true that humans are composed of cells and tissue, this statement concealed the true nature (and personhood) of her developing baby. 

This gross oversimplification masked the reality of the baby’s advanced stage of development.

At 11 weeks, Kominsky’s baby had a beating heart that had been active for eight weeks. 

The baby’s brain was functioning and emitting brain waves. 

At this stage, the baby could respond to touch, exhibiting a startle reaction. 

The baby could even hiccup and had already developed a preference for being right or left-handed. 

Lungs were present, and the baby was “breathing” amniotic fluid in preparation for life outside the womb.

Moreover, the baby had fully formed hands and fingers, complete with unique fingerprints that marked the baby as an individual who had never existed before and would never exist again. 

This child, who was developing rapidly, had the potential to grow into someone’s best friend, spouse, and much more.

Kominsky writes about the emotional detachment she had to employ to go through with the abortion: “I had to detach my mind, my heart, and my emotions. In shutting these off, my heart hardened and turned cold.” 

The abortion worker had assured her that she could “go on with her life as if nothing had happened,” but this promise quickly unraveled into a painful reality.

The emotional aftermath of the procedure was devastating. 

Kominsky shares, “[J]ust the opposite came true.”

Instead of moving on, she was left deeply traumatized, plagued by guilt and shame. 

“Following the procedure, I was deeply traumatized as fear turned into guilt and shame. It was not a simple surgical procedure as I had been promised… Initially, there is a relief of not having to face uncertainty, but that often turns to great sadness. I became angry and resentful to all those around me. I had a deep shame and a profound sense of loss.”

Mary Kominsky’s story is a powerful testimony to the profound and lasting impact of abortion, both on the unborn child and the mother. 

It serves as a crucial reminder of the deceptive practices that can surround abortion services and the deep emotional scars that can result. 

Her courage in sharing her experience is a beacon of hope, encouraging other pregnant women to choose life and avoid the trauma that accompanies abortion.

In a world where the sanctity of life is increasingly under threat, Kominsky’s story is a rallying cry for pro-life advocates to continue their fight against abortion. 

It is a stark reminder of the importance of providing true, compassionate support to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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