Pro-Life activists were violently attacked in Washington, D.C. but police “can’t find” the attackers even though they are on video

Photo by Hunain Bin Shahid from Pexels

Violent attacks on Pro-Life activists are on the rise.

And as recent events show, law enforcement seems more than happy to let the violent pro-abortion criminals walk away scot-free.

Like in Washington, D.C. where Pro-Life activists were violently attacked but police “can’t find” the attackers even though they are on video.

There is a clear double standard in the U.S. “justice” system.

Violent thugs walk around free while students are arrested for using sidewalk chalk

Violent assaults on Pro-Life activists continue to rise in the nation’s capital but most doubt the victims will ever get justice.

Washington, D.C. police went out of their way to harass and arrest peaceful Pro-Life activists for merely writing on a sidewalk in chalk.

Meanwhile BLM and Antifa terrorists are allowed to vandalize anything they want and use permanent paint to paint streets and sidewalks with their hateful messages.

But it is getting worse and even involves violent crimes. 

The Daily Signal recently reported about an assault on two Pro-Life activists July 22.

Pro-Life activists Terrisa Bukovinac and Mike Gribbin were praying and sidewalk counseling outside Planned Parenthood’s Carol Whitehill Moses Center in Washington, D.C. when an unidentified couple walking a dog started shouting at them from across the street. 

Bukovinac shouted back, and the couple crossed the street where a verbal altercation began.

From angry shouts to physical violence

The encounter turned physical when the angry woman threw her coffee at Bukovinac. 

Gribbin then grabbed her arm to stop her, and the violent pro-abortion man grabbed him, slammed him to the ground, and punched his back and head several times. 

At one point, the woman tried to steal Bukovinac’s phone.

“I tried to fend him off, actually, but then he held on to me,” Gribbin told the Signal. “That’s where the viral video that people are seeing online starts up.”

Bukovinac, the founder of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, also said the police “refused to press charges.” 

Washington, D.C. police told the Daily Signal only that they were still investigating and could not comment on whether the attackers have been identified.

This is a dangerous growing trend in Washington, D.C. as pro-abortion thugs feel more and more emboldened to physically attack Pro-Life activists knowing they will face no penalties.

There have been multiple similar attacks against Pro-Life activists in which Washington, D.C. Metro Police have displayed a total lack of interest in pursuing pro-abortion crimes against Pro-Lifers. 

But the tide may be turning

Recently a Federal Appeals Court ruled on a 2020 incident in the nation’s capital in which Pro-Lifers Warner DePriest and Erica Caporaletti were arrested merely for writing “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” in chalk on a public sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood facility. 

Students for Life of America and the Frederick Douglass Foundation sued Washington, D.C. for discrimination on the grounds Washington, D.C. authorities had been lenient toward actual vandalism committed in the name of the far-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that same year.

“The First Amendment prohibits discrimination on the basis of viewpoint irrespective of the government’s motive. We hold the Foundation has plausibly alleged the District discriminated on the basis of viewpoint in the selective enforcement of its defacement ordinance,” the court agreed, with the district having “all but abandoned enforcement of the defacement ordinance during the Black Lives Matter protests, creating a de facto categorical exemption for individuals who marked ‘Black Lives Matter’ messages on public and private property.”

But there is still a long way to go and Washington, D.C. needs to provide justice to Terrisa Bukovinac and Mike Gribbin.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.