Pro-Life diaper company uses an unlikely celebrity to promote its product

Photo by Kseniya Safronova from Unsplash

In a daring move, pro-life diaper company EveryLife has launched its “Make More Babies” campaign with a quote from a surprising celebrity. 

Their ad graces a billboard in the iconic Times Square for thousands to see. 

And the celebrity quote they’re using is sure to surprise you.

The campaign, featuring a quote from Tesla and SpaceX magnate Elon Musk, aims to challenge what EveryLife perceives as “population control ideologies” gaining ground, particularly as progressive solutions to combat climate change.

The Times Square billboard showcases a September post by Elon Musk stating, “Having children is saving the world.” 

EveryLife strategically leverages Musk’s words to advocate for a pro-life stance and celebrate the importance of welcoming more children into the world.

The ad is not a fleeting presence but will run continuously for 30 minutes on its debut day, with regular appearances planned over the next five days. 

It’s timed to support the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

EveryLife’s participation in the March aligns with its commitment to pro-life values.

Sarah Gabel Seifert, co-founder, and president of EveryLife, expressed the company’s strong disagreement with what it terms “population control ideologies.” 

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Seifert emphasized that the “Make More Babies” campaign goes beyond promoting the brand; it stands as a powerful affirmation of EveryLife’s core conviction that every child is a gift deserving love, protection, and support.

The accompanying video ad delves into the counter-narrative against population control ideologies that have gained traction in recent years. 

EveryLife positions itself as a bold voice challenging the prevailing discourse and asserting that a profound need exists for more children in the world. 

The campaign underscores the company’s unique position in the market, asserting, “No other diaper company will speak out and say the same.”

As a financial partner of the pro-life group Live Action, EveryLife is actively involved in supporting and participating in the March for Life. 

The annual rally, coinciding with the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion nationwide, has taken on added significance since the decision was overturned in 2022, returning the authority over abortion access to individual states.

EveryLife, which entered the market in July 2023 as a direct-to-consumer baby brand, distinguishes itself not only through its products but also through its commitment to pro-life principles. 

The company extends a 25% discount on its offerings to pro-life organizations and nonprofits.

Rooted in values that include “celebrate life,” “stand with integrity,” “champion parenthood,” and are “rooted in faith,” EveryLife’s “Make More Babies” campaign is poised to spark conversations and challenge the status quo. 

In an era where ideologies clash on issues of life, the diaper company is taking a bold stance, inviting every onlooker to consider the inherent value of every child and the importance of embracing life.

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