Pro-Life laws in Texas have sent this abortion center into a state of panic

Photo by Austin Women’s Health Center from Pexels

Pro-Life laws in Texas have devastated abortion providers – and they are finally feeling the heat.

Since abortionists can no longer profit off the slaying of unborn babies, they are scrambling to find new revenue sources.

And the solid Pro-Life laws in Texas have sent one abortion center into a state of panic. 

Abortionists face life in prison if they kill unborn babies

Texas has solid Pro-Life laws and they’ve forced abortion providers to close their doors for good.

It is a felony in Texas to abort a baby, and the punishment is severe and could result in life in prison.

Life in prison for killing a baby is exactly what needs to happen in every state.

As a result of Texas’ no-nonsense abortion laws – many abortion providers closed their doors and gave up.

But one abortion center, Austin Women’s Health Center, decided to remain open.

While they aren’t allowed to perform abortions, they still claim to provide other services such as post-abortion care.

But it’s not enough revenue to survive, and Julie Smith, the former director for Austin Women’s Health Center is in a state of panic.

Could this be the final nail in the coffin?

Julie Smith claimed revenue was down, and the hit was so severe, they had to dip into their reserves and eliminate funding her own salary.

“A lot of our patients that would seek abortion care were self-pay patients. They paid out of pocket for those services,” Smith told KUT.

Without the revenue from abortions, Austin Women’s Health Center can’t survive.

Smith was so desperate to keep the doors open, she even resorted to launching a GoFundMe campaign.

“If Austin’s last remaining safe, independent reproductive healthcare clinic closes due to relentless attacks, loss of revenue, and confusion about the law, our fellow Texans will have nowhere to turn for a minimum of 150 miles away from Austin to: make choices about their bodies make choices about their futures,” Smith wrote.

“Since the overturning of Roe V. Wade and the Texas Legislator’s quick action to cut off access locally, the last safe independent reproductive healthcare clinic in Central Texas has been thrown into chaos,” ranted Smith.

“Clients are too intimidated to come in, referral sources have shrunken away for fear of legal action, and the news media has struggled to keep up with options that remain. As the last Independent clinic in Austin, we are at a crisis point,” Julie wrote.

But preventing unborn babies from being slaughtered isn’t a “crisis” . . .

. . . it’s a wonderful and beautiful thing and a testament to solid Pro-Life laws.

Pro-Life laws work

Texas is a shining example to show the effectiveness of having solid Pro-Life legislation signed into law.

As long as there are people willing to perform abortions, laws must be placed to stop them.

While the ultimate battle for life is a spiritual battle, until hearts are changed, solid Pro-Life laws are necessary to stop the slaying of innocent babies.

As more states continue to pass Pro-Life laws, abortion providers will be forced to close their doors for good as their funds dry up.

But until that day comes, and every abortion center is closed for good, the battle to protect life must continue. 

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