Pro-Life leaders exposed the radical agenda of the anti-life crowd and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined

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The abortion lobby is determined to get abortion on the ballot in Pro-Life states.

Now more than ever, unborn babies are in danger like never before.

And when Pro-Life leaders exposed the radical agenda of the anti-life crowd, it ended up worse than anyone could have imagined.

Ohio is the “crown jewel” of the abortion lobby

Ohio has long been a Pro-Life state – and was one of the first states to ban abortion after a detectable heartbeat.

Although a judge issued an injunction to prevent the law from going into effect – Ohioans still overwhelmingly support protecting innocent life.

And even though currently abortion is still legal up to 22 weeks in Ohio – pro-abortion activists want more.

Determined to change the Ohio Constitution, the abortion lobby succeeded in getting enough signatures to place an amendment on the ballot in November to make abortion a “Constitutional right.”

But they’ve got another trick up their sleeve.

Pro-Life leaders sound the alarm

Before the November vote – an August special election will make or break the Pro-Life ballot issue.

On August 8, Ohioans will vote in a special election which would determine whether the Ohio Constitution could be amended by a simple majority (which is the current practice) or changed to 60%.

If Pro-Lifers vote yes, it could block the pro-abortion ballot initiative the abortion lobby hopes will pass this November. 

The abortion lobby is laser focused on the August special election – knowing if the yes votes prevail – their Constitutional amendment will likely fail this fall.

Mark Harrington, founder of Created Equal, told Live Action News the abortion industry is pushing misleading ads, and explained voters don’t fully grasp what is at stake this August. 

Other Pro-Life leaders expressed the importance of the August vote.

Janet Folger Porter, President of Faith2Action said “A ‘yes’ vote on Issue 1 is the most important vote in our state’s history,” reported Live Action News

Pro-Lifers across the country must act now

The vote in Ohio impacts more than just The Buckeye State – it sets the pulse for the nation.

If the abortion lobby succeeds in hustling and misleading Ohioans, other states will follow suit.

Harrington agrees and is calling for Pro-Lifers everywhere to get involved.

“My message would be – come to Ohio and if you cannot come, work remotely to do what you can to impact the vote here. In addition, we need to mobilize our base and that starts with the churches,” Harrington said. 

“While we need to raise a lot more money, if we do not energize and motivate our base to come out and beat this thing, we could lose. It’s got to be about abortion, so it is critical to get the church out to vote. This is a base election, and we must get them out,” Harrington continued.

From ushering in special interest groups to intimidate Pro-Lifers to blasting millions of dollars into key states like Ohio – unborn babies are in danger like never before.

If the abortion lobby succeeds in Ohio – a generally red state – they will take their “Ohio blueprint” all across America to force every state to make abortion a “Constitutional right.” 

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