Pro-Life leaders just put RNC delegates on notice about the Republican Party’s commitment to defending life

Donald Trump will officially become the GOP nominee at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

But the Presidential nomination is not the only important role for delegates at the Convention.

And Pro-Life leaders just put RNC delegates on notice about the Republican Party’s commitment to defending life.

There’s roughly four months left until voters head to the polls on November 5.

Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden in the Presidential race and Republicans are fighting to maintain their majority in the House and to take the Senate from Democrats.

Since Joe Biden has no record of accomplishments to run on, Democrats are going all-out to make the election be a referendum on abortion.

GOP delegates are preparing to officially nominate Donald Trump at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

The Convention will take place from July 15 through the 18th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Even though the convention coverage centers around the Presidential nominee, delegates also have other duties to perform, such as deciding on the rules and the Party’s platform.

For decades, the Republican Party Platform has been clear about the Party’s commitment to opposing abortion and defending the life of innocent unborn babies.

But Democrats are pushing to make the election be a referendum on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe in 2022.

As the issue takes front and center in the media, many Republicans have already started to compromise and water down their positions on abortion.

And rumors are circulating that delegates at the Republican National Convention could be preparing to throw pro-lifers under the bus by weakening the platform’s language on abortion.

Pro-Life leaders from several of the nation’s leading organizations have joined forces in a letter to the delegates demanding they keep the pro-life platform that has been in place since 1980.

The letter was signed by Executive Director for Advancing American Freedom, Paul Teller, President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Live Action, Lila Rose, President of March for Life, Jeanne F. Mancini, President of Students for Life, Kristan Hawkins, President of Family Policy Alliance, Craig DeRoche, and President of Human Coalition Action, Jeff Bradford.

“The Republican Party platform is more than a messaging document,” they wrote in the letter. “It is the roadmap to the future and a commitment to the American voters of what it means to be a Republican,” the letter continued. “Most importantly, it is a promise to unborn Americans to never stop fighting for their right to life.”

The coalition called on delegates to keep the platform “bold and unambiguous on life.”

Human Coalition Action’s National Legislative Advisor, Chelsey Youman, issued a statement along with the letter.

“Pro-life Americans are ready to work like never before to win the elections that will result in pro-life policies,” she wrote. “They will follow leaders who act boldly and will not compromise with the evil of abortion, and we urge the party to continue its strong track record of supporting the pro-life cause.”

The coalition’s letter concluded by informing delegates that “As RNC delegates, you are the stewards of the Republican agenda and will ultimately vote whether to accept the 2024 platform,” before adding that “we encourage you to support pro-life planks and vote down any platform that weakens the party’s commitment to the cause of life.”

The GOP convention is coming up on July 15.

Only time will tell whether or not the delegates stand for life or if they water down the platform’s abortion language.

But Pro-Life Americans need to put the pressure on their local GOP to stand for life and against abortion.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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