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Seasoned pro-lifers will remember the scandal surrounding University of Pittsburgh hospital nearly four years ago.

They were called out for their use of tissue from aborted babies, and subsequently slunk into the shadows. 

But the time has come for them to be held accountable, and prominent pro-life leaders are ready for the fight. 

In a powerful and much-needed wake-up call, several brave pro-lifers recently took a stand against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Magee-Womens Hospital Board of Directors. 

This significant confrontation happened at their first public meeting in four years, forcing the board out of the shadows after they were cited for violating state code by keeping their meetings closed to the public. 

This secretive behavior came in the wake of the previous shocking revelation – a University of Pittsburgh study that grafted the scalps of babies killed in abortions performed at the hospital onto mice and rats.

The pro-life voices at this pivotal meeting included prominent figures like retired Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen and State Rep. Tim Bonner, both of whom expressed their deep concerns about the unethical medical research conducted at Magee.

Judge Allen, a Pitt law school graduate, minced no words as she criticized her alma mater’s research using aborted tissue. 

She condemned Magee’s consent form for fetal tissue donation, arguing that it “entices women who are at their most vulnerable.” 

She drew a stark parallel between such practices and the twisted reasoning of Nazi scientists who believed that their unethical medical experiments served the greater good of society.

State Rep. Tim Bonner pointed out that preborn babies have historically been granted significant legal rights, yet in the present day, at Magee, they are denied the most basic right of all – the right to life. 

He fervently prayed that the board members would acknowledge the undeniable humanity of the unborn and their right to life.

Pro-life group leaders also questioned the board, including Beth Svirbel, president of People Concerned for the Unborn Child. 

She demanded answers about how the same hospital elevator could transport one preborn child for life-saving surgery to correct abnormalities while, at the same gestational age, another was being taken for an abortion.

Meredith Parente, president of The Magee Project, implored board members to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to all patients and urged them to treat both mother and baby with equal care and respect.

Christopher Pushaw, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, questioned the board’s compliance with state laws when it came to collecting fetal tissue for experimentation. 

He sought clarity on the specific abortion procedures used in fetal specimen collection.

Before these public comments, Magee board member Anantha Shekhar highlighted the research success of “Pitt Medicine, including Magee.” 

The university had received hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding from the National Institutes of Health in the past year, setting the stage for more scrutiny.

Disturbingly, newly released documents obtained by Judicial Watch shed light on questions surrounding the university’s handling of human fetal tissue. 

The university had received a subpoena from the HHS Office of Inspector General related to fetal tissue research documentation. 

However, the Inspector General, Christi Grimm, is yet to release her office’s findings.

It is also worth noting that the University of Pittsburgh has been recently revealed as one of the three worst violators of animal welfare laws among the top 25 NIH grant recipients. 

These violations include instances where newborn mice were found alive in containers intended for deceased animals after surviving carbon dioxide gassing.

The battle to hold the University of Pittsburgh accountable for its questionable research practices is far from over. 

Pro-life champions are resolute in their determination to expose and halt these alarming experiments, reaffirming their commitment to the sanctity of life and protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.