“Pro-Life” RINO Nancy Mace just sided with Joe Biden over unborn babies 

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Conservative voters are overwhelmingly Pro-Life . . . 

. . . yet RINO politicians think by taking a weak stand on life they can appeal to moderates.

And now Nancy Mace sided with Joe Biden over unborn babies.

Nancy Mace backs RINO Nikki Haley 

During the Republican debate, Nikki Haley embarrassed herself by claiming to be “Pro-Life” – then going on to actually criticize the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“We need to stop demonizing this issue,” Haley said referring to defending unborn babies.

“This is talking about the fact that unelected Justices didn’t need to decide something this personal because it’s personal for every woman and man. Now it’s been put in the hands of the people,” Haley continued.

But of course – RINO Nancy Mace took the liberty to defend Haley’s anti-life views.

On CBS’s “Face The Nation”, in typical Nancy Mace form, she used the spotlight to attack Pro-Lifers.

“Certainly, every candidate talked about being pro-life and what their limits may or may not be, but the only candidate on the stage that talked about how we should protect women and not demonize them was Nikki Haley. That is a message we have to carry through. We have to be pro-woman and pro-life,” said Mace.

As if ripping an unborn life from a woman’s womb is somehow “protecting women.”

A long history of anti-life comments

This wasn’t Nancy Mace’s first anti-life comment, and it won’t be her last.

Every chance she gets she throws out a one-liner thinking somehow by stabbing her conservative base in the back the abortion lobby will like her more.

She’s spoken about her “roadmap” to win purple states by “reaching across the aisle” to compromise on life.

And who could forget the audacity she had to claim that taking a stand for life was “too extreme” and that’s why Republicans didn’t get “more of a majority”.

“We could have had a two dozen-seat majority, but we don’t. This was an issue top of mind for swing voters. When you’re looking ahead to ’24, going to the extremes and digging in, this isn’t going to work for most people,” said Mace on abortion. 

Mace wants Pro-Lifers to stop attacking a woman’s “choice”

President Joe Biden has said that “women have the power to control their own destiny” and that overturning Roe v. Wade interfered with a “woman’s right to choose.”

Nancy Mace seems to agree with Biden.

“You cannot go after women and attack them because they make a choice you don’t like or agree with because it’s a sensitive subject right now. We want to show that we’re going to protect women who have been raped, girls victims of incest,” Mace continued.

As for abortion being a “sensitive subject” – of course it is!

Killing an innocent life is not something light – it’s a grave injustice that must be stopped.

Instead of attacking Pro-Lifers for speaking out for life, perhaps Mace should just stop calling herself “Pro-Life”.

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