Pro-Life Spiderman finally speaks out

Photo by Mateus Pereira from Unsplash

Sidewalk protests, clinic skirmishes, and prayer chains are common in the pro-life fight. . . 

. . . Scaling buildings, not so much. 

But now, the mysterious man many have come to know as Pro-Life Spiderman is speaking out for the first time.

Maison DesChamps, the man behind Pro-Life Spiderman, has garnered attention across the country and he’s finally speaking out. 

In the heart of Chicago, young Maison DesChamps, the 24-year-old daredevil, embarked on a mission of unparalleled courage – scaling the daunting 40-story Accenture Tower without ropes or harnesses. 

But this audacious act wasn’t for mere thrill-seeking; it was a passionate endeavor to save the life of an unborn child.

DesChamps, known as the “Pro-Life Spider-Man,” has become a symbol of unwavering dedication to the pro-life cause. 

His breathtaking climbs on skyscrapers across the country, although landing him in jail multiple times, have not only garnered national attention but have also raised over $20,000 for women like Sierra, who face the daunting choice of abortion due to financial constraints.

This fearless activist, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, has made a name for himself by climbing city skyscrapers in an effort to raise funds for Let Them Live, a pro-life organization committed to supporting pregnant mothers considering abortion. 

Maison, a skilled rock climber, undertakes these daunting ascents to save lives, risking his own safety to financially and emotionally support women in need.

DesChamps’ daring climbs are more than just stunts; they are symbolic acts of defiance against the prevailing pro-choice narrative. 

His message is clear: there are alternatives to abortion, and every life deserves a chance.

When asked about his motivation, Maison explained, “We’re going to speak out and stand up for these babies that don’t have a voice. We’re not trying to blame women; we just want to let them know there are other options.”

His commitment to this cause led him to work with Let Them Live full-time after dropping out of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, where he was pursuing a career in financial planning. 

Maison believes his true calling lies in inspiring others to make sacrifices for a cause he passionately believes in.

The challenges he faces during his climbs are not just physical but also mental. 

Despite the fear he experiences, Maison pushes forward, driven by the understanding of what’s at stake – the lives of the unborn. 

His recent climb in Chicago, where he was charged with reckless conduct and trespassing, didn’t deter his resolve. 

He firmly stated, “I don’t mind going to jail if it’s going to save a life. We can only follow the law until the law of our government clashes with the law of our God.”

Maison’s bold actions are reminiscent of French climber Alain Robert, the original “Spider-Man,” who scaled the New York Times building in 2008. 

Inspired by Robert’s audacious protest, Maison decided to adopt a similar approach for the pro-life movement, giving birth to the “Pro-Life Spider-Man.”

While mainstream media often overlooks his climbs, the impact of Maison’s actions echoes far beyond the walls of the buildings he scales. 

His climbs symbolize the urgent need to protect the sanctity of life and offer hope to mothers who feel trapped by their circumstances.

Maison DesChamps, the Pro-Life Spider-Man, remains a beacon of hope, inspiring countless individuals to stand up for the unborn. 

His daring climbs remind us all that the fight for life requires unwavering courage and a willingness to defy societal norms.

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