Pro-life Spiderman is at it again — this time in Vegas!

Photo by a4gpa, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Las Vegas is no stranger to spectacle, but this Super Bowl week saw a daring stunt that left onlookers awestruck for a good cause. 

Maison Des Champs, affectionately dubbed the “pro-life spiderman,” made headlines once again as he scaled the iconic Sphere on the Las Vegas Strip in a jaw-dropping display of activism.

It’s sometimes hard for pro-life events to make modern news, but this one certainly has people’s attention! 

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department swooped in to apprehend Des Champs after he ascended to the pinnacle of the Sphere, the city’s latest architectural marvel. 

“The individual has been taken into custody without further incident,” announced LVMPD on X, the former Twitter.

But what drove Des Champs to such dizzying heights? 

In a video posted on Facebook, he explained that his audacious climb was a bid to raise funds for a homeless pregnant woman, adding a layer of altruism to his gravity-defying feat.

Des Champs is no stranger to vertigo-inducing endeavors. 

His Instagram handle, “prolife.spiderman,” bears witness to his penchant for scaling skyscrapers and structures, all in the name of aiding women in crisis pregnancies.

LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill addressed the incident during a Super Bowl safety briefing, acknowledging the inevitability of such daring acts. 

“We know that people are going to test us. We know people are going to try things,” remarked McMahill, emphasizing the need for vigilance during high-profile events like the Super Bowl.

As Las Vegas prepares to host Super Bowl LVIII, Des Champs’ stunt has brought pro-life activism into the light of the great sporting event. 

Sphere Entertainment expressed gratitude to local authorities for swiftly resolving the situation, ensuring the safety of all involved.

Des Champs’ escapade didn’t unfold without a hint of controversy. 

Earlier in the day, he took to Instagram to post a photo of a banner reading “abortion is murder,” tagging the NFL’s official account. 

It’s a stark reminder of his unyielding stance on the sanctity of life, even amidst the glitz and glamour of the Super Bowl.

This isn’t Des Champs’ first ascent into the limelight. 

Previous climbs include Oklahoma City’s Devon Tower and Chicago’s Accenture Tower, each serving as platforms to raise funds for women facing pregnancy crises.

However, Des Champs’ latest exploit isn’t without precedent. 

Records show he was previously arrested for scaling the Aria Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in August 2021, underscoring his penchant for high-stakes activism.

As the dust settles on Des Champs’ daring ascent, the public remains divided. 

Is he a valiant crusader for the unborn, risking life and limb to champion a noble cause? Or is he merely a publicity seeker, using sensational stunts to garner attention?

Whatever the verdict, one thing is certain: Des Champs’ aerial acrobatics have sparked a heated debate and brought pro-life issues into the limelight.

While most pro-lifers can’t resort to his extreme tactics, we certainly applaud his dedication to the cause!

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.