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The attacks on Pro-Life activists by radical pro-abortion thugs are stepping up.

Now it seems every day they get more unhinged and violent.

And one university Pro-Life leader was just assaulted in a bathroom by a pro-abortion radical.

Recently, Students for Life chapter President Lydia Taylor reported on a disturbing and dangerous attack she suffered.

“People who support violence against the preborn also support violence against people like me”

Pro-Life activists on college campuses spend every day being glared at, getting hate messages on social media, and sometimes even being physically attacked.

Their crime?

They are against killing babies and have a passion to keep fighting against abortion no matter what.

And ever since Roe v. Wade was finally overturned, the radical abortion lobby has gotten even more violent.

As the leader of the North Carolina Pro-Life Force and President of the Students for Life of America (SFLA) group at Campbell University, Lydia Taylor has unfortunately seen this first hand.

Lydia has been very active both at Campbell University and across North Carolina leading protests and demonstrations advocating an end abortion in the Tar Heel state.

And this has brought the full weight of the pro-abortion lobby down on her, and even led to an assault.

But Lydia continues to fight, and said she even expects the violence to continue.

As Lydia put it, “It’s no surprise to me that the people who support violence against the preborn also support violence against people like me who defend the preborn, and I knew going into 2023 that this year would bring even more backlash than ever before.”

“Pro-Life b*tch”

Lydia recently led a very successful counter protest where she and her fellow Pro-Life activists were able to even change many pro-abortion minds and point out the extremism of the abortion industry.

But, after the protest, Lydia went into a public bathroom and was followed in by a pro-abortion thug who physically assaulted her.

The pro-abortion radical violently slammed Lydia against a wall, cursed at her, and called her a “Pro-Life b*tch” among other similar things.

“Before I could come to terms with what happened, she ran out of the restroom, leaving me in shock at what had just unfolded. Due to a lack of security cameras, we were unable to identify who had assaulted me, but it was certainly not the first time I’ve seen the abortion lobby act with physical aggression towards peaceful Pro-Lifers,”  Lydia said about the attack.

Lydia says she “was shaken up but not deterred.”

And her SFLA group put out a Cemetery of the Innocents display.

Lydia explained what happened next, “The last time we had done one, our display had been stolen and vandalized, and we were assured by the Campbell University administration that they would provide security for future displays. We were disappointed by them yet again.”

The Pro-Life leader went on, “When I went to check on our memorial, I watched as several groups of students stomped on our display, stole our flags, and walked away with campus security watching and doing nothing.”

Lydia then took it upon herself to follow and identify the students who had just committed acts of theft and vandalism, but still more than 56 flags had been stolen from their Cemetery of the Innocents, and Campbell University campus security did nothing.

Lydia said, “I’m sad to say that this recent violence and criminal activity I experienced from the abortion lobby was both disgusting and unsurprising — and I found my university’s lack of action similarly so. I guess free speech doesn’t matter when you’re Pro-Life?”

Unfortunately, Lydia is exactly right.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.