Pro-life students and alumni push back against this university’s attempt to install satanic piece of “art”

It seems these days that the pro-abortion mob will use any means possible to spread its deadly message.

Leftist radicals are coming up with more and more unique ways of trying to “normalize” abortion.

And that’s why these pro-life students and alumni are pushing back against their university’s attempt to install a satanic piece of “art.”

The University of Houston faces massive pushback after displaying a golden satanic statue just weeks after claiming they would cancel its installation.

Pro-life students and alumni of the university are disappointed in their alma mater’s handling of the situation.

They won’t allow this to happen without a fight.

Pro-life advocates in Texas are rising up in prayerful protest against what they perceive as a sinister affront to their deeply held beliefs. At the heart of the controversy lies a satanic statue erected on the grounds of the University of Houston, serving as a stark symbol of what many consider to be an insidious agenda advocating for abortion rights.

Amidst the bustling campus life and academic pursuits, a storm is brewing, fueled by the fervent prayers and unwavering resolve of pro-life students and alumni who refuse to let their voices be silenced. The installation of the satanic statue has ignited a firestorm of controversy, pitting the forces of light against the forces of darkness in a battle for the soul of society.

For conservative students and alumni, the sight of a satanic statue looming ominously on campus is nothing short of an abomination. It represents a brazen display of defiance against their deeply held values and a chilling reminder of the spiritual warfare that rages on in the shadows.

The statue, adorned with symbols and imagery evocative of the occult, serves as a provocative testament to the pervasive influence of a culture that glorifies death and disregards the inherent dignity of human life. It stands as a grotesque mockery of everything that pro-life advocates hold dear, a haunting reminder of the dark forces that seek to undermine their righteous cause. The golden statue stands eighteen feet tall, with braids in the shape of ram’s horns.

In response to this blatant provocation, pro-life students and alumni have mobilized with a singular purpose: to combat the forces of evil with the power of prayer and unwavering faith. Through prayer rallies and peaceful demonstrations, they are sending a powerful message to the world that they will not stand idly by while their values are trampled upon.

Their prayers are not merely an act of defiance, but a testament to their unyielding commitment to defending the most vulnerable members of society. They pray for the unborn children whose lives hang in the balance, for the mothers facing the harrowing decision of whether to choose life or death for their babies, and for a society that has lost its moral compass in the pursuit of fleeting pleasures.

But their prayers are not without opposition. Critics dismiss their efforts as mere superstition, scoffing at the idea that prayer could have any tangible impact on the world around them. Yet, for those who believe in the power of prayer, it is a weapon far more potent than any earthly force.

The battle lines have been drawn, and the stakes could not be higher. As pro-life advocates continue to wage their spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness, they do so with an unwavering faith in the righteousness of their cause. For them, this is more than just a symbolic gesture – it is a solemn duty to stand up for what is right and to defend the sanctity of human life at all costs.

In the end, the outcome of this battle may remain uncertain, but one thing is abundantly clear: the light of truth will always triumph over the darkness of deceit. And as long as there are brave souls willing to stand up and fight for what is right, the forces of evil will never prevail.

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