Pro-life victory: Kentucky abortion ban to stay in effect after this major lawsuit gets dropped

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The pro-abortion lobby is doing all it can to stop the wave of pro-life legislation across the country.

And they are filing dozens of lawsuits to try and overturn legislation that is already saving thousands of lives.

But in Kentucky this major lawsuit was just dropped meaning the state’s abortion ban will stay in effect.

A Kentucky woman has now dropped her lawsuit against the Kentucky abortion ban, meaning the Bluegrass state’s pro-life law will continue saving babies from abortions.

An unfortunate death stops the pursuit of more death

Lawyers for the anonymous woman who filed a suit against the pro-life state law say she has dropped the lawsuit. 

The woman was pregnant with an 8-week-old unborn baby but, unfortunately, her baby passed away in a miscarriage. 

As a result, the woman has dropped her lawsuit against Kentucky’s pro-life law.

The unnamed woman had attempted to argue the state’s trigger ban on abortion and its six-week ban violated her constitutional rights. 

Both the national ACLU and the ACLU of Kentucky represented her in her now defunct suit.

The pro-abortion leftist legal group was hoping more women would join the class action lawsuit but when none joined, and the woman’s miscarriage occurred, the case was dismissed.

“Plaintiffs voluntarily dismiss this action,” according to the filing submitted to a Jefferson County circuit judge.

In the lawsuit, the Kentucky woman claimed to be a “proud Kentuckian, and I love the life and family I have built here. But I am angry that now that I am pregnant and do not want to be, the government is interfering in my private matters and blocking me from having an abortion.”

She never did say if she had taken any precautions like using contraception, birth control or practicing abstinence if she didn’t want to be pregnant.

Instead it seems as if she just wanted the “freedom” to end the life of her unborn baby.

Probably would have failed anyway

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that the state’s abortion ban is constitutional and can keep saving babies from abortions.

This means the woman’s lawsuit likely would have failed anyway. 

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron urged the state Supreme Court to allow the Bluegrass state to enforce its pro-life laws. 

And in response the state’s highest court ruled that the abortion ban can keep saving babies while the lawsuit continues.

This was an important victory for unborn children in Kentucky now and a possible sign that the state court will eventually uphold the law. 

The justices wrote that a lower court was wrong to halt enforcement of the ban.

In her opinion, Justice Debra Lambert said that Louisville Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry was wrong to halt enforcement of the bans and the appeals court was correct to reinstate the bans. 

Justice Lambert also ruled that clinics don’t have standing to challenge the laws on behalf of their patients, but do have standing to argue that the state’s abortion bans violate protections in the state’s constitution.

The two abortion facilities that had been left in the state, EMW Women’s Surgical Center and Planned Parenthood, have now closed because of the ban. 

And abortions have dropped to almost 0 now that the state is protecting babies.

For now at least, that life saving will continue.

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