Pro-Lifer conceived in rape shared his powerful story and shut down the lies of the abortion industry

Republicans and Democrats are both guilty of agreeing abortion is “ok” in cases of rape.

But for Pro-Life activist Ryan Bomberger, that would mean he would be dead. 

And now, Bomberger shared his powerful Pro-Life story and shut down the biggest lie of the abortion industry once and for all.

“I am the 1 percent used to justify abortion”

Bomberger pointed out that babies conceived in rape are always used to justify abortion 100 percent of the time.

“It blows my mind to think that some people think that the circumstances of conception change the condition of our worth,” Bomberger told Live Action’s Lila Rose in an interview.

And he’s exactly right.

If a baby is a life created by God – then it deserves to be protected – regardless of how the baby was conceived.

Triumph can rise from tragedy

In the search for his biological mother, Bomberger found out his mother was only 21-years-old when she was pregnant with him.

He commends her bravery for choosing life for him – and allowing him the right to be born.

Although she passed away and he never got to thank her for saving his life, he is forever grateful for courageous decision.

She went through all that incredible unspeakable pain. But it was not vain. Her decision was not in vain,” Bomberger said.

“Triumph can rise from tragedy,” he added. 

“You’re better off dead”

Lila Rose rightfully pointed out how the abortion industry uses stories like Ryan’s to justify abortion.

Rose said abortion advocates claim because of the “trauma” Bomberger would endure having been conceived in rape and being adopted, babies like him should never exist.

Some children from the foster care system even advocate for abortion claiming no child should have to endure the “trauma” of foster care. 

While the abortion industry hopes to make this lie mainstream – Bomberger completely shut it down.

“It reinforces this pro-abortion lie that somehow you are better off dead,” Bomberger said.

“I was adopted out of the foster care system, and most of my siblings were,” continued Bomberger.

“We weren’t better off dead – we were better off loved,” said Bomberger. 

Leftists think “not existing” is better than being born

There are countless stories of children raised by single moms who succeed and thrive in life.

But you won’t hear about the heartwarming stories of foster kids adopted into their forever homes by the media because it crushes their narrative that not existing is better than being born.

Bomberger agreed.

“It is not compassionate to say oh well this child shouldn’t exist because they might face poverty,” Bomberger said.

Ryan Bomberger’s powerful story of redemption must be shared to put a face to those who are conceived in rape like him.

Every baby is valuable and worthy of life and deserves the chance to be born.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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