Pro-Lifer determined to stop abortion launched this incredible life-saving ministry 

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

When 20-year-old Justin Reeder watched a visibly pregnant woman enter the largest abortion clinic in Charlotte – his life changed forever.

He knew on that day he must do something to help end abortion.

And through determination and prayer he launched an incredible national life-saving ministry- and just wait until you hear how many babies have been saved.

Taking pastors to abortion clinics 

Christians know abortion is a horrific and vile act that ends the life of an unborn baby.

But there’s a difference between intellectually “knowing something” . . .

. . . and standing outside an abortion clinic and physically seeing women walk in pregnant – realizing when they come back outside their baby has been slaughtered.

Justin couldn’t shake this image and he knew he needed to do something.

“Churches typically don’t want to get involved,” said Justin.

He continued “There’s much apathy from spiritual leaders. I wanted to find a way to change that,” reported Live Action.

Launching a national Pro-Life group 

Justin became involved in the Pro-Life movement on a small scale – but knew God was calling him to do more.

As he spent time journaling and going through the book of Nehemiah in the Bible, he began to find clarity.  

And just three years after his first trip to the abortion facility – he launched a Pro-Life ministry called LoveLife – designed to mobilize the church and “create a culture of love and life that will result in an end to abortion and the orphan crisis.”

LoveLife’s four-step plan includes providing awareness and education, unifying the church together by prayer and fasting, visiting abortion centers during their “prayer walk Saturdays,” and connecting through outreach to help with orphan care and mentorship.

“The church is one of the most powerful institutions we have,” Justin said. 

“LoveLife exists to unite and mobilize all denominations to work together and to be the hands and feet of Jesus,” he continued.

LoveLife has already saved lives

More than 1,050 people have met for prayer walks, saving more than 5,000 babies and helping 50 abortion workers leave the abortion industry, reported Live Action.

Truly incredible!

LoveLife is an example of what the average person can do to help end abortion just by following the path God has set for them.

Justin believes strongly in helping stop abortion and using his faith as a springboard to change the dynamic.

“The most vulnerable among us are the children in the womb,” said Justin. 

He continued “We know the address and time where these children are being murdered and we need to be there to offer restoration through the Gospel,” Live Action reported. 

As LoveLife continues to grow and spread across the country into different cities, countless lives are bound to be saved.

And to think – all of this started because one man saw a pregnant mom enter an abortion clinic and wanted to do his part to help end abortion forever.

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