Pro-lifer viciously attacked in Portland by radical pro-abortion activist and the reason for the attack will astound you

The radical Left will stop at nothing to make abortion-on-demand the law of the land.

That includes using violence to silence those trying to defend the most vulnerable among us.

And recently a pro-lifer was viciously attacked in Portland by a radical pro-abortion activist, and the reason why will astound you.

In a dramatic and disturbing encounter, a pro-abortion woman physically assaulted a pro-life activist in Portland.

While anti-lifers try to claim that the pro-life movement is violent, their actions keep revealing the truth of the matter. 

What happened during this encounter was nothing short of shocking. 

As reported by RedState, the pro-life advocate was peacefully protesting with a sign that read “abortion is murder” when he was confronted by an irate pro-abortion woman accompanied by her young daughter. 

The altercation quickly escalated into a heated argument about the nature of abortions and miscarriages.

The woman, seemingly influenced by widespread misinformation, began by claiming, “Women are being airlifted from Idaho to Oregon right now because they can’t get life-saving emergency abortions.”

“Doctors are saying it’s only a matter of time before somebody bleeds out in a helicopter. Any day now it’s going to happen. We’re gonna have the first death on a helicopter of a woman being moved to Oregon for an abortion. Are you cool with that?”

The pro-life activist, maintaining his composure, responded, “No, that’s very sad. What percentage is it of those women?”

Agitated by his response, the woman snapped back, “What do you mean what ******* percentage? All of them. That’s the only way they can get abortions, is by coming here.”

When he questioned the validity of her statement by asking, “Every woman that’s getting an abortion is due to medical procedures?” she claimed, “No, most abortions are.”

The pro-lifer, standing his ground, replied, “No, they’re not.”

The woman then shared a personal anecdote, “My abortion was of a dead embryo. That’s most abortions.”

“Okay, I’m sorry to hear that,” he empathetically responded, but she continued to assert, “That’s most abortions.”

The activist, attempting to correct the misinformation, countered, “That’s not most abortions.”

“Have you looked at the statistics? Most abortions are clean-ups after miscarriages, and women can’t even get those. No, you’re a ******* moron because miscarriages are extremely common and most women opt to have…” she started.

“Miscarriages and abortions are different,” he pointed out. “What is an abortion?”

The woman, undeterred, insisted, “No, a miscarriage is a medical abortion.”

Seeking to educate, the pro-life activist offered, “No, it’s not. Let me educate you.”

This rational approach was met with violence as the woman took a swing at him and the individual filming the incident. 

The activist, in self-defense, forced her to the ground while her daughter started crying.

This altercation underscores the critical need for accurate information in the abortion debate. 

The woman’s assertion that “miscarriages are medical abortions” is a significant misunderstanding. 

A miscarriage, also known as a spontaneous abortion, is a natural loss of pregnancy, whereas an induced abortion is a deliberate medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy. 

Conflating the two not only spreads misinformation but also fuels unnecessary conflict.

As RedState noted, “There is not a single state in the union that outlaws real doctors at real medical facilities from removing a baby’s body after a miscarriage.” 

This fact dispels the woman’s claim that women are being denied necessary medical procedures following miscarriages.

The emotional and physical violence witnessed in this encounter is a stark reminder of the high stakes and intense emotions involved in the abortion debate.

For pro-lifers, it is a call to remain steadfast in advocating for life while striving to communicate with clarity and compassion.

The incident also highlights the importance of supporting those who defend life and the need for continued education on the realities of abortion and miscarriage. 

By standing firm in the truth and extending grace to those misled by falsehoods, pro-life advocates can help foster a more informed and respectful dialogue on this critical issue.

This shocking attack in Portland is a poignant example of the challenges faced by pro-life activists and the vital role they play in defending the unborn. 

As the debate rages on, it is crucial to uphold the values of life and truth, even in the face of hostility and misinformation.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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