Pro-lifers are being silenced and the reason why will have you seeing red

Photo by Ben Schumin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

When laws are against them, many pro-lifers feel the only course of action they have is to use their voices to fight for life – but this is now in danger. 

Some places want to go so far as to make it illegal to protest abortion. 

Pro-lifers are being silenced and the reason why will have you seeing red.

In Germany, Family Minister Lisa Paus of the Green Party has unveiled a draconian draft law aimed at curbing protests near abortion clinics and family planning centers. 

Under this proposed legislation, demonstrators would be prohibited from approaching within 100 meters (320 ft) of these facilities, with hefty fines of up to €5,000 ($5,445) awaiting those who violate the ban.

Paus justified the proposed law by emphasizing the importance of “protecting women from facing hostility and intimidation during what are already challenging times.”

She stressed the need to strike a balance between freedom of expression and ensuring the safety and privacy of women seeking advice and assistance.

But behind the veneer of concern lies a disturbing reality. 

Anti-abortion protests outside such facilities have become more and more common, probably because German pro-lifers feel the crush of the culture of death threatening the future of their country. 

Groups like EuroProLife have been staging demonstrations, using religious imagery and slogans like “Unborn Lives Matter,” to desperately try to remind women that they have options beyond abortion. 

Even peaceful tactics employed by these protesters have drawn condemnation from those who think abortion is the answer to women’s problems. 

Claudia Hohmann, director of the Pro Familia Center in Frankfurt, said she was shocked to see protesters outside their center, supposedly “disrupting the peace and tranquility that should accompany such services.”

But reading between the lines reveals the reality – they want abortions to be undisturbed. 

The situation in Germany reflects situations that happen in the US, as well. 

Pro-life voices are being silenced in favor of pro-abortion movements. 

Ulli Jentsch, a journalist researching the pro-life movement, highlights the influence of US-based groups in shaping tactics and strategies adopted by activists in Europe. 

Organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) have provided legal and financial support to pro-lifers, emboldening their efforts to curtail women’s rights.

People in Germany are learning from Americans how to fight for life – but they are up against a mighty foe. 

The proposed legislation to crack down on these protests has been welcomed by organizations like Pro Familia, who have long advocated for measures to allow abortions to be performed without pause. 

They argue that demonstrators gathering outside counseling centers violate the personal rights of clients.

In reality, these protestors are advocating for the personal rights of the unborn children. 

As the debate over abortion continues to polarize societies, it is imperative to stand up against laws that would try to squash the voice for the voiceless. 

The proposed law represents an attempt by pro-choice governments to ensure that pro-lifers have no rights, and it must be fought. 

In America, we need to continue to set the example of how to battle for life and embolden pro-lifers around the world to keep up the good fight, regardless of the opposition they face.

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