Pro-Lifers are on the front lines saving babies from one of the deadliest places in America

Cold-hearted abortionists continue to leave women’s bodies battered and bruised and their minds psychologically destroyed.

And while abortionists spit these traumatized women out to the streets once they are finished killing their babies . . . 

. . . these Pro-Lifers are on the front lines helping save babies (and women) from one of the deadliest places in America. 

“Hopeless Clinic”

Every single abortion facility is deadly– but some are more dangerous than others.

In Granite City, Illinois, one abortion provider named Hope Clinic (nicknamed “Hopeless Clinic” by Operation Rescue) has the reputation of botching abortions and sending multiple women to the hospital.

Operation Rescue reported in 2023 at least 15 women who entered Hope Clinic on their own two feet left in an ambulance. 

Shining light in the darkness 

Faithful sidewalk counselors monitor this abortion giant to track just how many women suffer botched abortions.

Of course, Hopeless Clinic tries to hide their botched abortions – trying to prevent sidewalk counselors from knowing just how many women are injured.

For the sidewalk counselors, many have become discouraged and brokenhearted seeing so many women traumatized through the years, Operation Rescue reported.

But despite their sadness, these Pro-Lifers continue to faithfully pray, and invite others to join them.

As He always is, God was faithful to their prayers and answered them in a way that was greater than they ever expected.

Rescuing women and babies

The sidewalk counselors had been praying specifically for one woman working at the abortion provider who they sensed wanted out.

And by God’s grace, these Pro-Lifers were able to raise over $2,000 to help this woman escape and provide for her bills while she searched for new employment.

What a miracle!

But there’s more.

Operation Rescue reported at least 16 babies have been saved since Valentine’s Day this year. 

These women planned to get abortions but changed their minds after they talked with the sidewalk counselors.

One success story includes a mom who drove out of state to kill her twin babies at the clinic, but changed her mind after talking with the faithful sidewalk counselors.

Critics claim sidewalk counselors are ineffective – but these faithful Pro-Lifers are on the front lines, and they are saving lives. 

With 16 women choosing life – Hopeless Clinic is feeling the financial sting.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is encouraged by the recent victories at helping save the lives of precious babies.  

“While Hopeless bemoans its losses, we celebrate God’s answers to prayer and the babies that will now live,” Newman said. 

“We are incredibly grateful for the dedication of sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors as we all work together to close the doors of this wretched death trap.” 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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