Pro-Lifers are rejoicing after seeing these numbers rise after overturning Roe v. Wade

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

The number of lives saved by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade may never be fully known.

But there is no doubt it has already saved hundreds of thousands of babies from a barbaric end.

And now Pro-Lifers are rejoicing after seeing these numbers rise after overturning Roe v. Wade.

According to the Gladney Center for Adoption a Texas agency that “facilities adoptions nationwide has seen a 30% increase in infant domestic adoptions in the past year. Inquiries from pregnant women who call to learn about their adoption options are up 55%.”

It’s happening all across the country

This great news of increases in adoption isn’t just coming from the Lonestar State.

It’s occurring in other states, too. 

Even pro-abortion NBC has noted that a Florida adoption agency has seen “an uptick in contact from women who are calling far earlier in their pregnancy since Roe, as opposed to second trimester contacts that the agency previously experienced.”  

It turns out that in a post-Roe America, babies are being saved by the thousands from the violence of abortion through life-affirming options like adoption. 

And it turns out the decisions to do so are happening much earlier in pregnancy.   

While reforms are still needed to improve the foster care and adoption systems, these programs are stepping up to help families who want to have children become parents.

And they are giving preborn babies the chance to experience life.  

10,000 lives in Texas alone

A recent report from Johns Hopkins shows that more than 10,000 babies have been saved in Texas alone since passage of the state’s Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act.

And similar life-saving legislation has taken effect in at least 26 states already.

This has resulted in not just saved lives but the need to find homes for many of the children who have been saved.

This has resulted in many pro-life organizations calling for some much-needed reforms to the adoption and foster care systems at both the state and federal levels.

Going forward it will be vital to streamline and decrease the bureaucracy involved in the adoption process.

It can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete an adoption in a system overwrought with regulations, bureaucracy, and an out-of-control fee structure.

The sad fact is many families who want to adopt can’t, defeating the myth that many children remain “unwanted” in the system. 

In fact, The Federalist recently reported that, “For every eligible baby, an invisible queue of 36 couples waits for the chance to take that baby home.”

As more and more babies are saved from abortion, the problems with the adoption system in the U.S. will need to rise to the top of the list for legislators.

Addressing the issues in both the adoption, and foster care, system is vital in the efforts to not just save children from abortion, but also help them, and families after their births.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.