Pro-Lifers are seeing red after this university sent Students for Life a massive bill for this shocking reason

Danski14, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Left has long used violence and intimidation to get their way.

And they are now asking conservative groups to pay for it.

That’s why Pro-Lifers are seeing red after this university sent Students for Life a massive bill for this shocking reason.

There is no question that almost all university administrations are controlled whole cloth by radical leftists.

Banning the First Amendment on college campuses

And at the University of New Mexico, there is apparently a high price to pay for trying to exercise First Amendment rights.

Pro-Life students at the University of Mexico (UNM) are furious with the university administration’s failure to protect their First Amendment rights. 

For months, the Students for Life of America (SFLA) group on campus — the Students for Life UNM — have been working with UNM’s administration to host SFLA President Kristan Hawkins in a late April event as part of her speaking tour “Lies Pro-Choicers Believe.”  

At first it all looked good.

The event was initially approved by the school, with no problems.

But the student group didn’t get a chance to celebrate for long. 

On March 8, Students for Life UNM received a bill from the UNM Police Department, asking for $8,140 to cover security fees for the event. 

That’s right, UNM is asking a student organization for nearly $10,000 to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Leftists are violent – so conservatives must pay 

Even though Hawkins’ own security team notified UNM that they will be working during the event, the university has refused to remove the excessive fees.

Clearly the goal is to cancel the speech. 

And this isn’t the first time UNM has attempted to stop a Pro-Life event on campus. 

In the fall of 2022, UNM’s Police Department shut down another Students for Life UNM’s on campus speaking event just days before it was scheduled “due to the subject matter” of the event. 

The school’s police department claimed they couldn’t provide enough resources for the SFLA event so the students were forced to take the event off-campus.

And what is most disgusting of all about UNM’s behavior is that the need for such increased police presence is only because of radical and violent leftists who disrupt any conservative or Pro-Life speaker who dares try to speak.

So, in other words, the Left is violent so Pro-Life groups must foot the bill.

UNM actions are inexcusable

After receiving the unreasonable invoice, and because of their past anti-Pro-Life behavior, SFLA’s legal counsel sent UNM a demand letter, which stated:  

“[Students for Life at UNM] observed harassment and discrimination levied on other ideologically similar groups throughout the 2022-2023 school year. That, coupled with the administration’s failure to take action against those perpetrators, the University quoted a security fee of $8,140 on SFL UNM for its upcoming event due to the threat that opposition may pose to the speakers.” 

The actions of UNM are simply inexcusable.

They are using excessively high fees for police protection from violent pro-abortionists to prevent their Pro-Life students from hosting speaking events.

The Constitution is very clear and American citizens, even college students shouldn’t have to pay for their First Amendment rights.

Especially when the reason for the cost is the violent Left, how about making them pay? 

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