Pro-lifers break silence on gestapo-like tactics used by the Department of Justice

In Joe Biden’s America, it is absolutely shocking and disgusting how pro-lifers are treated. . .

They are facing persecution like never before for simply believing preborn babies have the same right to life the rest of us do.

And now, pro-lifers are breaking their silence on the gestapo-like tactics used by the Department of Justice.

In a startling revelation, pro-life advocates have revealed the harsh facts behind their treatment by the US government. 

These fighters faced horrible harassment and manipulation tactics from the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ), escalating the tensions between the administration and conservative Americans. 

According to reports, pro-lifers were subjected to pre-trial interrogations by the FBI and government agents without being informed of their full rights until afterward. 

These interrogations, occurring before the Washington, D.C., FACE Act trials, uncovered communications related to efforts to rescue the unborn.

These actions lead to charges of “conspiracy against rights” and potentially lengthy prison sentences.

“We’re targeted as domestic terrorists,” one pro-lifer revealed to LifeSite News, shedding light on the intimidating tactics employed by the government. 

Despite claims to the contrary by Attorney General Merrick Garland, the pro-lifer emphasized that such actions could not occur without his knowledge or authorization.

The ordeal began with arrests for trespassing, but escalated dramatically when pro-lifers were detained again for questioning, this time by the FBI and an agent from domestic terrorism. 

The manner in which they were compelled to speak with the FBI, under the impression that it was mandatory, raises serious concerns about coercion and manipulation.

Additionally, the pro-lifer described a dawn raid conducted by the FBI, reminiscent of other high-profile arrests within the pro-life community.

The past year has seen shocking accounts of pro-life individuals being taken into custody at gunpoint. 

Why are pro-life advocates being routinely treated as hardened criminals?

This escalation of force, coupled with demands for DNA samples without consent, underscores the aggressive tactics employed by law enforcement.

Furthermore, instances of harassment extended to the courtroom, where pro-lifers were subjected to unnecessary delays and procedures. 

The pro-lifer recounted being detained in a jail basement for an entire day before facing a judge, highlighting the frivolous nature of the proceedings.

The sentencing for the nine D.C. pro-lifers is set to take place soon.

People are very concerned, and rightfully so, about the fairness of the legal process and the treatment of individuals whose only crime was advocating for the rights of the unborn.

These revelations underscore a troubling trend of government overreach and intimidation tactics against conservative Americans, particularly within the pro-life movement. 

As sentencing approaches, the eyes of many concerned citizens will be on the outcome, hoping for justice and fairness in a system that seems increasingly hostile to their values and beliefs.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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