Pro-lifers in Texas have set their sights on taking down these pharmaceutical giants

Photo by Árpád Czapp from Unsplash

The battle to protect the preborn is being fought on multiple fronts.

Gone are the days of just sidewalk counseling and protests in front Planned Parenthood clinics.

And that’s why pro-lifers in Texas have set their sights on taking down these pharmaceutical giants.

Sidewalk ministries and government protests are a well-known way to fight for life. . .but a Texas group has come up with something new! 

In the ongoing battle against the abortion industry, Pro-Life Waco, a group based in Texas, has launched a daring initiative targeting major pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS. 

Dating back to their Girl Scout Cookie Boycott in 2004, Pro-Life Waco is known for challenging supporters of abortion. 

Now, they have set their sights on the pharmaceutical giants that have accepted the Biden FDA’s offer to fill prescriptions for chemical abortions.

The group initiated monthly pharmacy outreach in Waco, starting at a CVS pharmacy in March 2023 and later shifting to the local Target store, where the pharmacy is operated by CVS. 

Armed with bold signs and a specially crafted chemical abortion flyer, Pro-Life Waco engaged in a sustained encounter with the public to raise awareness about the consequences of supporting these pharmacies.

The pharmacy outreach events involve large, impactful signs conveying the gravity of CVS and Walgreens’ decisions. 

Pro-Life Waco employs a range of signs and displays, ensuring a strong visual presence. 

The outreach is not just about signs; it includes the physical presence of pro-life advocates, with sixteen participants actively involved in the most recent event on January 12.

A key tool in their outreach is a tri-fold flyer designed explicitly for pharmacy outreach. 

This flyer delves into various aspects of chemical abortion, from abortion pill reversal to the risks it poses to the mother. 

It also includes links to educational resources, such as Live Action’s video on chemical abortion, ensuring that the public receives comprehensive information.

In an interview with Lila Rose for the Live Action “Exclusives” podcast series, Pro-Life Waco emphasizes the importance of public square outreach. 

The goal is to engage a broad cross-section of society, focusing on the undecided middle rather than preaching to the pro-life choir or entrenched abortion supporters.

The impact of these outreach events goes beyond raising awareness; it directly weakens the public image and financial standing of CVS and Walgreens. 

The flyer distributed during the events provides instructions on how to transfer prescriptions away from these pharmacies, encouraging customers to consider alternatives. 

This not only protects consumer choice, but also serves as a deterrent for other pharmacy chains contemplating involvement in similar controversies.

Pro-Life Waco has been persistent in its efforts, and after almost a year of pharmacy outreach, they delivered a double-barrel challenge to CVS and Walgreens on January 12. 

The ongoing refusal of these pharmacies to fill prescriptions for chemical abortions raises questions about the potential downsides they might be facing, including damage to public image, staff training challenges, and legal exposure.

Beyond impacting the pharmacy industry, public square outreach events like these deliver broader pro-life benefits. 

They influence the local business community, demonstrate that aligning with the abortion industry is detrimental, and counteract negative media portrayals by becoming the media themselves. 

By displaying a commitment in the public square, Pro-Life Waco encourages pro-life supporters to become actively involved in the movement.

As the battle against abortion continues, initiatives like Pro-Life Waco’s pharmacy outreach contribute to changing hearts, minds, souls, and votes. 

With the 2024 general election on the horizon, the need for more pro-life votes, especially on state ballot issues, becomes increasingly crucial.

Pro-Life Waco’s success in their pharmacy outreach has prompted them to offer support to other cities interested in taking up the fight. 

Pro-Life Waco is making waves in the pro-life movement, challenging big-name pharmacies and inspiring others to join the fight for the sanctity of life.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.