Pro-lifers in this city wasted no time responding to the latest attack from Planned Parenthood

FamilyMan88, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The battle to save preborn boys and girls is at a fever pitch.

Pro-abortion radicals have become more emboldened than ever, but that’s not stopping many in the pro-life movement from standing up for life.

And pro-lifers in this city wasted no time responding to the latest attack from Planned Parenthood.

St. Louis-based Coalition for Life, a stalwart defender of the unborn, has launched what they term as ‘new sidewalk counseling operations’ outside the Carbondale Planned Parenthood facility.

The Coalition for Life, driven by a mission to offer alternatives to women considering abortion, held a news conference on December 28 to shed light on their sidewalk counseling initiatives. 

Kathy Westbrook, a representative of the Coalition, expressed the group’s sincere desire to provide services and choices for women in need. 

However, she revealed the challenges they faced, stating, “Planned Parenthood even sent out a security guard to prevent us from talking to women as they’re attempting to drive in. We want to provide a choice for them, and Planned Parenthood does not want to provide a choice.”

The pro-life activists are determined to engage with women, offering them support and alternatives to abortion. 

Their presence outside the clinic aims to provide compassionate counseling and information about alternatives to abortion, emphasizing the sanctity of life.

In response to the protest, Planned Parenthood of Illinois President Jennifer Welch issued a statement to Heartland News, defending their organization’s commitment to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. 

Welch asserted that Planned Parenthood offers patients information on the “full spectrum of abortion and pregnancy options” to supposedly empower individuals to make the best decision for their bodies, families, and futures – all the while disrespecting the life of the unborn baby.

While Planned Parenthood emphasizes their commitment to patient safety and staff protection, the Coalition for Life contends that their presence is solely focused on providing women with choices and alternatives. 

The clash of ideologies underscores the deep divide in the ongoing debate over abortion rights and the value of unborn lives.

The opening of the Carbondale clinic has reignited tensions between pro-life advocates and Planned Parenthood, with both sides holding firm in their convictions. 

The Coalition for Life’s sidewalk counseling operations reflect a grassroots effort to reach women directly and provide them with information about life-affirming options.

The pro-life movement continues to be a driving force, fueled by the belief that every life is precious and deserving of protection. 

Pro-life advocates are trying to see the silver lining with the opening of the new clinic and call it an opportunity to amplify their message of compassion, support, and alternatives to abortion.

The battle lines drawn outside the Carbondale clinic symbolize the larger struggle for the soul of the nation on matters of life. 

Pro-life activists are not merely protesting; they are standing as a beacon of hope, offering women a choice rooted in life, love, and the belief in the inherent value of every human being.

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