Pro-lifers prove they will always fight for the preborn after pushing back against this socialist group

Photo by James Ampong Quilario from Pexels

Abortion is currently illegal in Brazil, with exceptions made in certain cases.

But this status is in danger. . .

And now pro-lifers are proving they will always fight for the preborn after pushing back against this socialist group.

In a resolute display of faith and unity, pro-life activists across Brazil rallied in dozens of cities on October 8, marking the country’s Day of the Unborn Child. 

Their mission was clear: to celebrate life and vehemently protest against the potential decriminalization of abortion, a matter that was under scrutiny by the Supreme Court in September.

This year, the Brazilian church embarked on an unprecedented campaign against abortion, enlisting active participation from clergy and lay movements alike. 

The movement was sparked by a petition presented in 2017 by the left-wing Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL) to the Supreme Court, arguing that criminalizing abortion damages women’s rights, denying them the capacity to make reproductive decisions.

Currently, Brazil permits abortion only in three specific cases: pregnancy resulting from rape, danger to the woman’s health, or fetal anencephaly. 

The PSOL’s push for decriminalization has sparked a fierce resistance led by the Brazilian bishops’ conference (CNBB), which fears that legalizing abortion could lead to confusion among Catholics, blurring the lines between legality and morality.

Archbishop Julio Akamine of Sorocaba emphasized that legality doesn’t equate to morality, and decriminalization hasn’t reduced the suffering of women. 

He stressed the importance of supporting mothers in crisis rather than resorting to abortion, a sentiment echoed by priests hearing confessions from those burdened by the aftermath of the procedure.

In recent months, the CNBB has encouraged both clergy and lay Catholics to openly discuss abortion and express their pro-life stance on social media. 

The proactive engagement culminated in nationwide pro-life marches, with participants from various faiths and ideologies uniting under the common banner of life advocacy.

Dr. Pedro Spineti, head of the Brazilian Association of Catholic Physicians, highlighted the unity displayed during the marches. 

People of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, all wearing white as a symbol of their cause, came together to stand for life. 

Despite political differences, these activists shared a common goal: defending the sanctity of life.

However, the pro-life movement in Brazil faces challenges in the form of political polarization. 

Some activists associate themselves with former President Jair Bolsonaro, a vocal opponent of abortion, while criticizing current President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, seen by some as pro-abortion. 

This polarization poses a hurdle for the movement, demanding efforts to dissociate pro-life advocacy from political affiliations.

Dr. Elizabeth Kipman Cerqueira, a gynecologist and national coordinator of the Citizens’ Movement for Life – Brazil Without Abortion, acknowledged the heightened awareness surrounding the abortion issue. 

She emphasized the need to prevent the legalization of abortion, recognizing it as a potential gateway to disrespect for life in other aspects, such as euthanasia.

Despite uncertainties regarding the Supreme Court’s decision, the CNBB and pro-life activists remain resolute in their mission. 

Their approach involves not only political pressure but also shaping public consciousness. 

Archbishop Akamine emphasized that forming people’s awareness stands as their primary objective, ensuring that the sanctity of life remains a steadfast principle in Brazilian society.

In the face of challenges and uncertainties, Brazil’s pro-life advocates stand undeterred, fueled by their faith, unity, and hope for a future where every unborn child is cherished, protected, and given the opportunity to thrive. 

Their unwavering commitment serves as an inspiring example, reminding the world that the fight for life knows no boundaries and transcends political divides.

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