Pro-Lifers were blindsided when a leftist court released a woman from jail for her hideous crime

Michael P. Barbella, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A pregnant mom in the UK was determined to kill her baby.

Since she couldn’t legally abort her baby past a certain date – she lied about how far along she was in order to obtain abortion drugs.

And she was slapped on the wrist with a minor jail sentence – but now a leftist court let her go free. 

The brutal backstory 

The pregnant mom knew she wasn’t legally allowed to kill her baby at home if she was more than 10 weeks pregnant.

So she blatantly lied and said she was only seven weeks along in order to get her hands on abortion drugs.

But the drugs forced the woman into labor, and she gave birth to a stillborn baby who was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The maximum sentence for breaking the law was life in prison, but a lenient judge only sentenced her to 28 months – only requiring her to serve 14 months behind bars. 

A leftist court released the woman on probation

Even though she murdered her own baby in a premeditated scheme, abortion advocates were outraged she was held accountable for breaking the law.

Of course, serving 14 months behind bars is essentially a slap on the wrist – and hardly a punishment.

But then the Court of Appeal caved to pressure and actually took away the woman’s sentence all together . . . 

. . . and released her on probation! 

British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the group that gave the woman the pills, celebrated the pro-abortion victory.

BPAS Chief Executive Clare Murphy said she was “delighted” at the court’s decision.

“The court of appeal has today recognised that this cruel, antiquated law does not reflect the values of society today,” Murphy told the BBC.

She continued, “Now is the time to reform abortion law so that no more women are unjustly criminalised for taking desperate actions at a desperate time in their lives.”

Pro-Lifers are outraged

While the abortion industry celebrated a woman killing her baby and not being held accountable, Pro-Lifers were distraught.

Right to Life UK even insisted the government look into how the woman was able to receive pills at home to begin with.

BBC reported that Catherine Robinson, a spokesperson for Right to Like UK said “At at least 32 weeks or around eight months’ gestation, [the baby] was a fully formed human child. If her mother had been given an in-person appointment by BPAS, she would still be alive.”

And she’s exactly right.

Instead of BPAS celebrating their “win” – they should be conducting a full audit of their agency to see how their flawed system allowed a 34-week-old baby to die.

But of course, they won’t.

They’ll use the latest court “victory” as an excuse to campaign for more abortion laws to ensure more babies will die. 

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