Radical Biden supporters flooded the internet with the most disturbing Mother’s Day posts America has ever seen

Joe Biden supporters are on a rampage to help keep Biden in the White House.

And they continue to use their own children as pawns.

Radical Biden supporters stooped to a new low and flooded the internet with the most disturbing Mother’s Day posts America has ever seen.

Exploiting children to promote abortion

The love of a mother is fierce.

Most moms have an inherent desire to protect their little ones from harm.

But one woman had a different idea.

Instead of cherishing her children and celebrating their lives . . . 

. . . she did just the opposite.

On Mother’s Day.

Mini Timmaraju supports abortion and wants Joe Biden to remain in the White House.

On X she wrote “All we want for Mother’s Day is Reproductive Freedom! The freedom to decide IF and HOW to become a mother- birth control, IVF, adoption-our choices are OURS to make. And only President Biden & VP Harris will protect them. Show your support with us!”

Obnoxious, but typical of liberals.

But what made her post even more appalling is she posted the text along with a picture of herself holding her two children.


To use the lives of children to call for the killing of other babies shows how despicable and rabid the pro-abortion crowd really is.

Hate from the abortion lobby

Of course, on Mother’s Day the abortion lobby couldn’t take a day off.

They had to use the sacred day mothers have to celebrate life to promote abortion.

On X, Reproductive Freedom for All posted “Happy #MothersDay to All — no matter who you are or how you do (or don’t) decide to celebrate this year. Just know that we’ve got your back.”

Center for Reproductive Rights callously posted “Motherhood should be a choice.”

As if choosing to kill a baby is a viable option.

Even the Physicians for Reproductive Health wanted to promote their radical views on Mother’s Day and wrote “Moms have abortions. Moms are abortion providers. Moms are amazing caregivers for people of all ages who have abortions, have miscarriages, and have babies.”

Absolutely disgusting.

To encourage pregnant moms on MOTHER’S DAY that it’s okay to have an abortion and kill one’s baby proves that the abortion lobby knows that a baby is a life.

Unborn babies deserve to be protected and cared for.

But the Left does not view life as sacred, and they are willing to use any opportunity they can to push abortion.

Whether it’s exploiting their own children as pawns or promoting abortion on Mother’s Day . . .

. . . Biden supporters will do anything to make sure Trump doesn’t return to the White House.

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