Radical pro-abortion Governor abused his power and issued a decree that has Pro-Lifers crying foul

Maryland GovPics, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Another state rammed through legislation aimed to kill unborn babies – and boasted about it.

Instead of vowing to protect innocent babies – this radical Governor bragged his state would lead the way to their slaughter. 

Even more horrifying, the out-of-control Governor abused his power and issued a decree that has Pro-Lifers crying foul. 

Bring your babies to Maryland to die 

It takes a sick individual to think using their power to kill innocent babies is a good thing.

But Maryland Governor Wes Moore is proud of making his state a “safe haven” for women to kill their babies.

Reassuring women everywhere that regardless of what happens in other states – Maryland will ensure women have access to abortion.

Moore declared, “I want to say to all the women who are out there who are wondering what will happen, who are worried about their future – please hear me loud and clear: Maryland will always be a safe haven for abortion access and abortion rights,” The Baltimore Sun reported.

Killing a 9-month-old baby

Moore is so extreme, he signed a bill giving Maryland voters the chance to vote on a Constitutional amendment, which would enshrine a “fundamental right to reproductive freedom” allowing unborn babies to be killed through a woman’s entire pregnancy.

Whether a baby is 12-weeks old or nine months – if this goes through abortion will be a “guaranteed” right in Maryland.

Shielding abortionists 

Those who make a living out of killing unborn babies are now shielded under the law, thanks to Moore.

More signed Senate Bill 859, which protects abortionists and women from criminal, civil, and administrative penalties for performing abortions on women who come in from Pro-Life states. 

If women live in a Pro-Life state that outlaws or restricts abortion, they are being encouraged to simply “come to Maryland” if they want to skirt the Pro-Life laws of their state and kill their babies anyway, 

Enemies of life

Moore’s latest actions reveal the dark agenda of the abortion industry.

Abortionists and their loyal advocates don’t care about the value of a human life – an individual with a body, mind, and soul.

All they care about is pushing an agenda, and they are so hard-hearted they even sign off on killing a 9-month-old baby as if it’s something completely normal and acceptable.  

When politicians like Moore have power, they will use it to push their agenda to the extreme.

Pro-Lifers must continue to stand strong for life and realize the enemies of life won’t stop until abortion is accessible everywhere, for everyone.

The good news is, the only way they can succeed is if Pro-Lifers lie down in silence and accept defeat while the slaughter of future generations continues.

Thankfully, Pro-Lifers who are the real deal are more determined than ever to get into the fight for life and never stop until every life is protected from the moment of conception. 

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