Radical pro-abortion Governor made a power move that stripped parents of their rights

M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The abortion lobby is gunning for teenage girls at an alarming rate.

And thanks to one pro-abortion Governor, abortionists now have full access to minor teens.

In a power move that stripped parents of their rights, this radical pro-abortion Governor signed a new law that allowed the unthinkable.

Parents are banned and shunned forever

A new law in Oregon allows minor children to get an abortion – without parental consent.

Meaning – if a 15-year-old girl is pregnant, and being trafficked and abused, she can legally get an abortion without ever having to notify her parents.

But pro-abortion supporters of this wicked bill think allowing teens to hide abortions from their parents is a good thing.

Rep Rob Nosse, D-Portland said “We need to make sure here in Oregon that our law is absolutely clear, so that our providers can provide care in every unique scenario,” reported Oregon Public Broadcasting.

And while Republicans fought against the bill and even staged a six-week walkout – it ended up passing – and is now Oregon law.

Opponents of the bill like House Minority Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson pointed out the massive blow to parental rights “This is a parental rights issue and a process issue,” Breese-Iverson said.

“This is Oregon effectively telling you the government understands the needs of your child better than you do,” she continued.

Sexual predators rejoice

Human traffickers love laws like this, as it gives them full access to continue abusing girls, while using abortion to “cover up” their crime.

Sadly, many parents aren’t aware of what goes on in the lives of their young teens . . . 

. . . allowing teens to continue to be in abusive situations undetected.

But if a minor teen had to receive parental consent in order to get an abortion – it could alert the parents that something is wrong – and hopefully rescue a teen from an unthinkable situation.

The abortion lobby won’t leave children alone

Pro-abortion activists know if they can sink their claws into young impressionable children, they can carry out their sick agenda for generations to come.

Many young teens who become pregnant are scared and feel they have nowhere to turn.

But instead of encouraging young teens to talk to their parents – Planned Parenthood tells teens to “sneak out to their car” to order abortion drugs and hide what they’re doing from their parents.

Parents are the last line of defense in protecting children from an industry that seeks to destroy them and their innocence.

But if states keep taking away parental rights and allowing minor teens to get an abortion unchecked – the rift between children and their parents will continue to grow.

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