Ramaswamy just unleashed a brutal accusation against Pro-Lifers

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Vivek Ramaswamy is known for his boorish and outlandish statements.

But this time, he’s set his rage against Pro-Lifers.

And once you hear the outrageous accusation he unleashed against Pro-Lifers you will be furious. 

The abortion lobby is gunning for the unborn

As the abortion lobby continues their brutal assault against unborn babies, Pro-Lifers are the only thing holding them back.

The Left has taken the battle to the states where leftist politicians continue to pass extreme legislation guaranteeing the “right” of abortion up until birth.

And now with the state ballot initiatives picking up steam – pro-aborts can take over conservative states by pouring in millions of dollars from out-of-state donors to defeat Pro-Lifers.

But instead of attacking the abortion lobby – Ramaswamy blamed Pro-Lifers. 

Ramaswamy chides Pro-Lifers

“I’ve been Pro-Life for a long time, and logic leads me to many of my positions,” Ramaswamy said during an interview with Brianne Pfannenstiel of the Des Moines Register and Dasha Burns of NBC News.

“You can’t say life begins any later than when brain waves begin – that is 5 or 6 weeks after conception,” Ramaswamy continued.

He added “I think that the pro-life movement, and I consider myself part of that, hasn’t done enough to walk the walk, in actually standing for life and pro-life principles.”

While there are some Pro-Lifers who don’t get involved in the movement – it’s a gross accusation to attack the movement as a whole.

Pro-Lifers are the ones standing outside of abortion centers getting run over by angry abortionists . . . 

. . . or even facing arrest for violating “buffer zones”.

They are the ones praying for pregnant women, and volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers to help scared moms choose life – even though violent pro-aborts firebomb their centers and leave death threats. 

Some Pro-Lifers like Ron DeSantis even run for office and win – and help shape the direction of Pro-Life laws.

The Pro-Life movement is active and alive – and it’s unfair to accuse them of not “standing” for Pro-Life principles. 

Ramaswamy hasn’t even committed to a federal protection for unborn babies, claiming it is “up to the states” but he has an “open mind”, LifeSite News reported.

Politicians who are weak on the issue of life or backtrack like Nikki Haley are the ones harming the Pro-Life movement. 

Every life must be protected

The work of Pro-Lifers doesn’t stop until every baby is protected from the brutal act of abortion.

It isn’t enough to leave it up to the states – as there are radical politicians like California Governor Newsom who want to make abortion legal for everyone at any age for any reason.

Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the moment of conception.

And candidates running for office who claim to be “Pro-Life” need to speak out and use their platform to defend the unborn.

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