Recent life-threatening emergencies at this clinic have shattered the illusion of “safe and rare”

Photo by Solen Feyissa from Unsplash

In less than a week, one abortion facility reported three medical emergencies, underscoring the inherent risks associated with abortion procedures.

These unfortunate health crises have revealed a concerning reality that the American people cannot afford to ignore. 

And these recent emergencies have shattered the illusion of “safe and rare.”

On November 3rd, emergency services were summoned for a 35-year-old patient displaying signs of a possible seizure during a procedure. 

Disturbingly, she had no known history of epilepsy or seizures. 

Despite the presence of a hospital just across the street from the abortion facility, the patient requested an ambulance to take her to Barnes Jewish Hospital in Missouri, raising questions about the facility’s standard procedures.

The cause of the seizure remains unclear, but Operation Rescue suggests possible links to improper anesthesia injections and hemorrhage. 

This incident challenges the narrative of abortion as a “safe” procedure, highlighting the unpredictable and dangerous nature of these interventions.

Another alarming call on November 7 involved a 40-year-old patient experiencing excessive bleeding and uterine inflammation after an abortion. 

The lack of information provided to the 911 dispatcher regarding the cause of hemorrhaging adds another layer of concern. 

Hemorrhaging after an abortion can result from lacerations or perforations of reproductive organs, emphasizing the life-threatening complications associated with these procedures.

The third incident on November 9 involved a 21-year-old patient requiring advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) after a post-procedure complication. 

While the details remain undisclosed, the request for ACLS equipment indicates a serious cardiovascular emergency, raising further questions about the true safety of abortion procedures.

These incidents are not isolated, with reports suggesting at least 20 medical emergencies at the Hope Clinic for Women this year alone. 

This distressing trend is particularly alarming given Illinois’s status as a haven for abortions, attracting around 10,000 out-of-state women annually due to restrictive laws in neighboring states.

In response to these emergencies, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman emphasizes a sobering reality: abortion is far from the safe procedure it is often portrayed to be. 

The myth of “safe abortion” is exposed as a fabrication perpetuated by those profiting from the termination of innocent lives and the endangerment of women.

Newman states, “In this dreadful process the Abortion Cartel calls ‘healthcare,’ unsuspecting women are hurt, and some of them even die.” 

This truth challenges the narrative that abortion is a routine healthcare service, emphasizing the horrors and pain women endure under the guise of “reproductive freedom.”

As pro-life advocates, it is essential to share these revelations and expose the dark side of abortion. 

The goal is to dispel the myths surrounding its safety and advocate for policies that prioritize the well-being of women and protect the sanctity of preborn lives. 

The recent emergencies at the Hope Clinic for Women serve as a stark reminder that the fight for life involves safeguarding both the unborn and the women subjected to the real and hidden dangers of abortion.

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