Recent survey indicates crisis pregnancy centers in this state are in real danger

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

It’s no surprise the Left fights to keep pro-life centers out of their neighborhoods.

The historically pro-choice areas of the country support Planned Parenthood while attacking crisis pregnancy centers.

A recent survey indicates how these centers are in real danger.

In a shocking move, the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) has initiated a survey that threatens the existence of pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs).

The survey, mandated under a 2022 law, delves into the inner workings of these centers, aiming to scrutinize their funding sources and organizational networks.

Pro-life leaders have raised concerns that this intrusive survey might pave the way for more restrictive regulations and punishments against these vital establishments.

Under the guise of promoting comprehensive care, the NYS DOH questionnaire asks sensitive questions about pro-life centers, including their funding, connections, and the services they provide.

These questions have the potential to cut off funding, probe organizational networks, and suppress freedom of speech.

The survey inquires about the demographic information of women served by pro-life centers and questions whether these centers receive state-funded Medicaid or any other state funding or tax subsidies.

Furthermore, the DOH asks for operational manuals and guidelines, attempting to dissect the internal workings of these centers.

They also seek information about how pro-life centers advertise their services and whether they offer abortion-related services, sex education, or potentially abortifacient contraception methods.

Additionally, the survey delves into clients’ experiences, attempting to find instances where pro-life centers might have caused a delay in receiving abortion services.

These intrusive questions highlight the state’s aggressive approach to pro-life centers, despite no evidence supporting their claims.

The survey follows a law signed by Governor Kathy Hochul, which categorizes these medical centers as “limited service pregnancy centers.”

Pro-life leaders, like Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, vehemently oppose this terminology, emphasizing that these centers provide a wide array of supportive health care services except for abortions.

They argue that abortions are contrary to the very essence of medicine, which aims to heal and maintain patients’ health.

Despite the pro-life centers’ significant contributions, including $3.6 million in medical services and supplies, the state’s focus seems skewed.

Last year, Hochul allocated $35 million in taxpayer funds to abortionists, ignoring the invaluable services provided by pro-life centers.

These centers offered free baby outfits, diapers, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD tests, and car seats, benefiting thousands of families.

As pro-life leaders brace for potential restrictive policies, concerns about fairness arise.

The taskforce that will formulate these policies includes an abortionist and a staff member of New York Attorney General Letitia James, both with clear pro-abortion affiliations.

James’s office has accused pro-life centers of creating “dangerous situations and harmful experiences” for women, reflecting a deeply biased perspective.

In this hostile environment, pro-life advocates stand resilient, defending the sanctity of life and the invaluable services pro-life centers provide.

As the battle rages on, pro-life supporters are gearing up to protect the vulnerable and ensure that the voices of the unborn are heard.

Will the pro-life movement triumph against these oppressive measures, or will the state’s relentless pursuit of its agenda prevail?

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